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Upcoming Events

Friday, February 3
This will be an opportunity to meet with other faculty interested in ethics and social responsibility, to review a map of Broad courses that include these topics (based on the responses to our Faculty survey), and to engage in a conversation about ways the Center can support faculty and students now, and in the future.... Read more »
Wednesday, February 8
Join us on February 8 to learn from Amy Broglin-Peterson, Faculty in the Supply Chain Management department, to learn all about ethics, and what to ask if you find yourself in an ethical situation at work or school. Join us for an engaging conversation and a FREE LUNCH from 11:30am-12:15pm.
Friday, February 17
Join us to learn from Joe Potchen, Faculty in the Management Department, to learn about the intersection and the divide between what is ethical and what is legal. Join us for an interesting conversation and a FREE LUNCH from 12pm-1pm. Register to join us today:
Friday, February 24
Join us to see what Social Responsibility looks like in action! We will be visiting Michigan Career and Technical Institute to see how they support and train Michiganders with disabilities so they can become employed.  We will tour the facility, hear directly from their students and then have a chance to have a FREE lunch... Read more »
Tuesday, February 28
Join us to be led through how to understand, analyze, and have conversation around ethical situations from Dr. Jennifer Dunn, Faculty from the Management department. This will offer you the chance to gain experience looking at an ethical situation from all sides before making a decision about how to move forward. Register to join us... Read more »