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Upcoming Events

Friday Feb. 24
Join us to see what Social Responsibility looks like in action! We will be visiting Michigan Career and Technical Institute to see how they support and train Michiganders with disabilities so they can become employed.  We will tour the facility, hear directly from their students and then have a chance to have a FREE lunch... Read more »
Tuesday Feb. 28
Join us to be led through how to understand, analyze, and have conversation around ethical situations from Dr. Jennifer Dunn, Faculty from the Management department. This will offer you the chance to gain experience looking at an ethical situation from all sides before making a decision about how to move forward. Register to join us... Read more »
Tuesday Sep. 19
Water scarcity is impacting every single human on the planet. Join us to learn from professionals about how water presents several long-term challenges to both the private and public sectors. As such, senior executives and community leaders are increasingly finding that they need to consider how best to factor Water into decisions around managing operations,... Read more »
Wednesday Sep. 20
Join us to learn from Paulette Stenzel, Broad College of Business faculty to learn how students can use their business skills and passions to be a socially responsible leader right now! This will be a great opportunity to learn more about the impact the Spartan Global Development Fund has on people across the globe. Join... Read more »
Wednesday Oct. 4
Join us to learn what it took for Tyler Shultz to stand up to his boss and his family and become a Whistleblower against Theranos. We will be learning about his experience, and engaging around what skills one needs to stand up and do the right thing.  Join us on Wednesday, October 4th for an... Read more »
Monday Oct. 16
Have you ever wondered if you would be willing to risk your job or your reputation to stand up against an unethical work situation? Come and learn what it took for Tyler Shultz to stand up against Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos to expose their false business claims. This is a great opportunity to learn from... Read more »
Tuesday Oct. 17
Water scarcity is impacting every single human on the planet. Join us to learn from professionals about how organizations need to evolve in their transparency about water use. We will discuss the issues and challenges around water use disclosures in corporations, The current & changing landscapes around disclosure for water use and delve into the... Read more »
Thursday Oct. 19
Making ethical decisions in any business is complicated and takes courage, understanding the big picture, the goals of an organization or business, and the intellect to think through all the possibilities. And that is before you start looking at a situation through different cultural lenses. Join us for an engaging conversation with a Professor and... Read more »
Monday Nov. 6
Water is complex, multi-faceted, and intersects with all facets of business in today’s climate. With water crises escalating and water resources under greater stress, leaders need a clear path for decision making and a trusted partner to guide them. Access to sufficient, clean water resources underpins almost all parts of a company’s value chain. From... Read more »
Friday Nov. 17
Calling all Broad RSO leaders! This is a learning opportunity just for YOU! Join us on Friday, November 17th from 12-1pm for an engaging conversation focused on ensuring your organization has an effective and inclusive recruitment process. Not only will you become a stronger leader- but a FREE lunch is included! Register today!