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The Broad Integrative Fellows (BIF) Program was developed to increase the integrative thinking and inter-disciplinary teaching among Broad College Faculty with the long-term objective of enhancing the College’s teaching and learning culture. The BIF Program was designed by the Strategic Integrative Teaching and Learning Committee in Fall 2013. The committee team, which included the following faculty, was selected to receive the 2015 Richard J. Lewis Quality of Excellence Award for their efforts in designing the BIF Program:

The BIF Program was launched in 2014. Each year, a team of high-performing faculty are selected to participate in the BIF Program as Fellows. The Fellows work closely with a Corporate Partner to study a cross-functional, strategic-level business challenge. From this engagement, the Fellows develop an integrative teaching case focused on the Corporate Partner that can be used in Broad College courses. The resulting cases may be published and made available to universities beyond MSU as part of the Broad Case Series. Learn more about previous Fellows and Corporate Partners.

In addition to developing the Broad College Cases, the BIF Program host a series of workshops for faculty and graduate students in the Broad College and across MSU focused on improving student engagement and learning as well as teaching effectiveness. Workshops have included topics, such as integrative teaching approaches, participant-centered learning, and trends in higher education, and have hosted hundreds of faculty and students annually. To see a list of previous workshops, please click here.

For more information on the BIF Program, please contact the Co-Directors, Judith Whipple ( or Jeff Beck (

Interested in becoming a Broad Integrative Fellow?

Broad Integrative Fellows (BIF) are selected for the annual program which starts in the spring semester. The spring semester features a series of workshops focused on student engagement and learning as well as teaching effectiveness open to the Fellows as well as faculty and graduate students in the Broad College and across campus. The Fellows will meet with the workshop speakers prior to the event for additional discussion and networking.

The visit to the corporate partner for the purpose of preparing the annual teaching case occurs in the summer. The Fellows have the opportunity to not only interact with executives at the corporate partner, but also with each other developing and strengthening cross-disciplinary and industry networks. The teaching case and teaching notes are developed over the summer and refined in the fall semester. This may include pilot testing the case in undergraduate and/or graduate classrooms.

Interested faculty may nominate themselves or may be nominated by their Department Unit Head for participation in the BIF Program. Nominations will be requested in the fall semester for the following year’s program. In addition to the teaching case, Fellows will be provided with a research grant at the completion of the BIF Program. While Fellows are generally faculty in the Broad College, the program is open to faculty in other Colleges at MSU.

If you are interested in participating as a Fellow, please contact either of the Co-Directors, Judith Whipple ( or Jeff Beck (

Broad Integrative Fellows Program Corporate Partnership

The objective of the Broad Integrative Fellows (BIF) program is to develop Broad College faculty toward more integrative thinking and teaching with a long-term objective of enhancing the college’s teaching and learning culture.

Because the BIF program is intended to expose college members to cross-functional issues, partnerships with corporations are critical to provide faculty and students with the interdisciplinary perspective necessary to prepare students for successful careers.

The Program

The BIF program is a year-long endeavor (January to December) in which 5-6 of the Broad College’s high performing faculty participate as “Fellows.” The foundation of the BIF program involves an intensive day field visit by the Fellows to the corporate partner campus for purposes of interviewing key corporate executives and staff members from multiple functional units (e.g., marketing, finance/accounting, strategy, HR, logistics/supply chain). Generally, Fellows interview approximately 10-15 individuals with each interview lasting 30-60 minutes.

Prior to the field visit, we will collaborate with the corporate partner to identify a compelling, multi-faceted, and cross-functional business problem, issue, or dilemma that has been or is currently being addressed by the partner. The business problem will be the focus of the interviews and will provide the basis for an integrative teaching case that the Fellows will write upon completion of the interviews.

Benefits to the Corporate Partner

Participating as a corporate partner in the BIF Program will provide:

  • Meaningful and favorable corporate exposure to Broad College business faculty.
  • The opportunity to build upon the relationship with the Broad College which, in turn, opens up avenues for recruiting, class presentations, and research.
  • The opportunity to influence management education in a manner that enhances the quality of future recruits.
  • Access to the written case that can be used for internal management education.


As academics, our reputation is based upon our integrity in protecting the proprietary data of corporate partners related to our research or, in this case, in creating teaching materials. As such, we will take the necessary steps to satisfy the confidentiality concerns of our corporate partner.

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