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The business case for diversity, equity and inclusion 
Broad research not only illuminates how these values are the right thing to do but also how they boost the bottom line.
How information spillover impacts asset pricing 
In this Q&A, Ryan Israelsen, assistant professor of finance, outlines how cross-learning leads to high stock returns.
Informing the tug-of-war between lenders and borrowers 
Research from Nuri Ersahin, assistant professor of finance, shows how some financial laws can benefit both sides.
Hiring your friends could mean better performance 
An MSU study finds that finance faculty selected based on connections perform higher, publishing 30% more research.
Discovering a financial anomaly: Low risk and high return  
Dmitriy Muravyev, associate professor of finance, has published a paper illustrating a financial pricing hiccup.
The 'invisible hand' may matter less than thought, research co-authored by a Broad College professor emeritus finds  
It’s a third party who interrupts a trading relationship, according to the research by Geoffrey Booth
Energy use may tip off investors to a hot stock, award-winning Broad research finds  
Findings allows investors to create a strategy to exploit this predictability
CVCPEEF Distinguished Speaker Lecture Draws Standing Room Only Audience 
A speaker lecture about a major driving force of the “New Economy” by Chris Rizik.
Research: The Hefty Price Tag for Safe Food  
Mark Johnson examines the impact that the Food Safety Modernization Act has on food firms, restaurants and consumers
Faculty Spotlight: Financial Front-Runner  
Since the global financial crisis of 2008, it seems people from all walks of life pay a little closer attention
Professor Andrei Simonov's Paper Accepted for Publication 
Andrei Simonov has had his research study accepted for publication in the Review of Financial Studies.
Cheaters Never Prosper? Ashley Madison Data Complicates the Picture 
It’s hard to research cheating behavior in companies—can you trust people to admit to it?
MSU Researcher Finds Lack of Foreign Information and Understanding Impacts Stock Prices 
A Broad College researcher found that investors aren’t paying enough attention attention to foreign stock information.
Broad professor's research shows electricity usage is predictor of stock market 
Hayong Yun has long had an interest in electricity and its impact on business.
Seven in 10 take early pension payout 
The study appears online in the Journal of Financial Economics.
Do financial experts make better investments?  
Financial experts do not make higher returns on their own investments than untrained investors according to research
Travel campaign fuels $1 billion rise in hospitality industry  
The Obama administration’s controversial travel-promotion program backed by scientific evidence through MSU-led research
Not so 'evil': Finance study makes case for hedging  
The overuse of financial contracts known as derivatives was widely blamed for triggering the economic crisis of 2008