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MSU research to examine how and why board diversity matters 
Management professor Quinetta Roberson will lead a team to study the value of diversity in corporate governance.
The business case for diversity, equity and inclusion 
Broad research not only illuminates how these values are the right thing to do but also how they boost the bottom line.
How empowerment initiatives can help — and harm — employees 
MSU research shows effective empowerment initiatives depend on the management style of the person implementing them.
MSU research exposes discrimination against Black women with natural hair 
Research from Broad’s management department reveals how today’s professional standards perpetuate racial bias.
MSU research will be first to explore ‘leadership as event management’ 
Broad management professor receives U.S. Army Research Institute grant that could alter our understanding of leadership.
Five is the magic number of people for making Zoom calls effective 
Management Professor John Hollenbeck explains why people aren't wired to have a 15-person virtual meeting.
What makes a good team? Management professor dives into his expertise 
John Hollenbeck, professor of management, answers our questions on team dynamics and work motivation.
Who customers blame depends on how businesses frame 
MSU research shows how subtle framing can impact customer views of businesses when something goes wrong.
Don't grin and bear it: Fake smiles at work could lead to unethical behavior, study finds  
Faking a smile at work could mean more than becoming someone that at the moment you’re not.
Keep to yourself! Don’t offer co-workers help unless asked, Broad College research finds  
If you thought that proactively offering help to your co-workers was a good thing, think again.
Is email evil? Bosses are getting boxed in by their inboxes  
Keeping up with email traffic places high demands on managers, which prevents them from achieving their goals
Want to succeed at negotiations? View talks as long-term partnerships and not just short-term rivalries, Broad prof says  
'Management is becoming increasingly long-term focused or relationship-focused,' says Jennifer Dunn
Hierarchy needn't be a four-letter word. Just combine it with mutual respect, says Broad College prof  
Decisions made at the top are fine, but only if people at all levels are respected for their contributions
An abusive boss today might mean a better boss tomorrow  
That's according to research by Russell Johnson, a Broad College professor
‘Marriage Diversity’ a Must-Have for Rock Bands to Businesses  
The blended mix of married and unmarried bandmates improves creativity, innovation and collaborative thinking
The Dark Side of Helping Coworkers 
New research suggests helping behavior can be particularly harmful when it’s done in the morning hours
The Dark Side of Helping Coworkers  
If you show up at work tired, you may want to focus strictly on your own tasks
Charisma-Challenged? You Can Still Be a Good Boss  
You don’t need the charisma of Steve Jobs to be an effective boss, indicates new research led by the Broad College
Incivility: A Workplace Epidemic 
Michigan State University business scholar shows how incivility may be spreading in the workplace.
Does Social Status Affect Generosity? 
Nicholas Hay's findings are published online in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.
Helping Co-Workers Can Wear You Out 
Russell Johnson says depletion effects are especially strong for employees with high “pro-social motivation”.
If you don't agree with this, good! Contrarians foster better ideas in teams 
Recent findings by Broad College of Business scholar has managers rethinking the criteria for a successful team.
Management researchers collect data at USMC Camp Lejeune 
An MSU esearch team visited Camp Lejeune, NC to collect data for a project with the U.S. Marine Corps.