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Broad College of Business students travel the world every year on internships.

They gain valuable work experience and get an opportunity to make connections that can last a lifetime.

In order to highlight both our interns and the businesses where they are working, the Broad College asks our partners to gather images of our interns on location.

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"I learned a lot about people leadership and management. From hiring to building relationships with store managers, this job allowed me to develop important soft skills."
Amy Montalbano, Supply Chain Management

2022 Intern Experiences

Vivian Tran and Target mascot posing for camera

Vivian Tran (Supply Chain Management)


"Through my internship, I had the opportunity to fully immerse myself in Target's incredibly inclusive and supportive culture. Being part of a team that embraces authenticity and celebrates differences allowed for a thriving learning environment where I felt confident to voice my insights, ask countless questions to aid in my professional development, and make genuine long-lasting connections with team members all throughout the summer."
Ava Senkowski posing next to Charging Bull statue

Ava Senkowski (M.S. Accounting)

Cowen & Company

"My internship at Cowen gave me the confidence to grow as a young professional. Taking responsibility and completing my tasks allowed me to see the importance of my decisions for the company."
Dilavar Goyal posing in front of Amazon Warehouse logo wearing an Orange Safety Vest

Dilavar Goyal (MBA)


"I had an opportunity to visit five Amazon locations to collaborate with cross functional teams and learn from them to conceptualize a solution for my project. Even though I was at a robotics location, I enjoyed the people's part of Amazon."
Marina Ackerman headshot

Marina Ackerman (Supply Chain Management)

SC Johnson

"One thing I learned this summer was the interconnectivity and cross-functionality that is required by supply chain folks to maintain a well-known consumer packaged goods brand. As part of a day of shadowing, I got to see how demand planners working in home storage collaborate on a regular basis with marketing teams on Ziploc to forecast supply based on market trends and sales data from retailers. Though I see supply chain and marketing as two completely different majors in Broad, there is often a lot of overlap in the industry and behind the scenes."
Ryan Nichols Headshot

Ryan Nichols (Finance)

Wells Fargo Securities

"The most important thing I learned was that the people I surrounded myself with often made the difference in my time at the bank. Whether I was reconnecting with alumni of the Financial Markets Institute or going to grab coffee with the executives and analysts of my group, people were always willing to take the time to give me guidance and feedback about the job and my work there this summer."
Alice Kim smiling holding a Michigan State t-shirt for the camera

Alice Kim (Hospitality Business)

Graduate Hotel

"I had an opportunity to go through all the departments of the Graduate Hotel including Housekeeping, Front Desk, F&B and Sales. The experiences I collected from each department helped me to understand the importance of communication and how it leads to a successful hotel operation."
Hannah Diggs spraying water from fire hose with a fire fighter

Hannah Diggs (Marketing)

Stryker Corp.

"My favorite experience was participating in a voice of customer ride along with the Portage Fire Department, giving me hands-on experience with our products and the customers that benefit from our products."
Omar Syed headshot

Omar Syed (Supply Chain Management)

Rack Room Shoes

"One of the key lessons I learned at Rack Room Shoes Corporate was the necessity of balancing autonomy with a unified vision. While being trusted to get creative can bring some unique, intriguing ideas to the table, it was never a mistake to check in with my open-minded supervisors and use everyone's experiences to guide the research. I quickly realized that the largest strides occurred when our goals were clear and in harmony."
Maddison Rizzo posing in front of the Salus Group sign

Maddison Rizzo (Human Resource Management)

The Salus Group

"One thing that I learned at my Human Resource Management Internship at the Salus Group is how the recruiting, hiring, and onboarding process works. I had the opportunity to interview job seekers and help them find the right position at the Salus Group that fits their qualifications. Being able to bring new hires in made me feel like I was a valuable part of the company."
Blake Maday posing to camera with both thumbs up in front of the "Welcome to Goldman Sachs Summer Interns" Sign

Blake Maday (Finance)

Goldman Sachs

"The unique culture around Goldman Sachs’ offices is built by many different individuals with the same innate desire to work extremely hard to achieve their goals. Surrounding myself with this group of people for a summer provided endless opportunities for growth and learning."
Amy Montalbano wearing an Aldi shirt with walkie talkie in the Aldi Grocery Store

Amy Montalbano (Supply Chain Management)


"I learned a lot about people leadership and management. From hiring to building relationships with store managers, this job allowed me to develop important soft skills."
Alec Woodman in front of boxes on shelves wearing an Orange Safety Vest

Alec Woodman (Supply Chain Management)

General Motors

"My favorite experience has been working with so many different departments. My specific role allowed me to work cross functionally between different teams, such as lean warehouse operations, inbound and outbound logistics, and even part processing. I have been able to supplement what I have learned in classrooms with real-world experience by being involved in so many different areas of the supply chain."
"One thing I learned which I feel was important in this internship is to not be afraid to ask questions. You have to remember that you are there to learn, so asking questions and testing for understanding is a sign of professional maturity to your employer."
Addison Kiteley, Supply Chain Management
Jacob Levack standing in front of wall with Caterpillar tractor canvases.

Jacob Levack (Supply Chain Management)

Caterpillar Inc.

"One thing I've learned from my internship at Caterpillar Inc. is that establishing self-motivation ignites the quality work and development that internships have to offer. Coming into the office with an attitude that exhibits ownership over your own growth will completely enhance the outcomes that come from your day-to-day experiences. Outcomes including both your personal development and your contributions to the company you intern with."
Guadalupe Huapilla-Perez standing behind a Hotel concierge desk

Guadalupe Huapilla-Perez (Hospitality Business)

Hyatt Regency Lake Washington

"I learned what it is to manage and communicate with a team, especially at properties like the one I interned at with 12 floors, over 300 rooms and 6 major departments. It was cool learning how our revenue team would sell out our rooms perfectly every night!"
Cherry Sun Headshot

Cherry Sun (Finance)

Deutsche Bank

"My favorite part of my internship is the exposure to senior leadership within the bank. I really appreciate their openness to have 1-1 coffee chats and answer questions. They are willing to take the time to get to know us interns and offer genuine career advice."
Broad students Darryl Ervin and James Pion pose in front of a crowd at the US Open.

Darryl Ervin (Accounting)

The Country Club

“It is a special feeling to be a part of the inaugural cohort for the Lee Elder Internship, and it motivated me to put my absolute best foot forward for every opportunity that was presented to me so that I could help lay a great foundation for next year’s interns and beyond. This opportunity at the U.S. Open has exposed me to so much and has truly opened doors.”
Viktoria Mihailovic standing in front of a United Airlines airplane jet engine wearing a yellow Safety Vest

Viktoria Mihailovic (Supply Chain Management)

United Airlines

"One tool I heavily utilized during my internship was Excel. Even though Broad students learn all about Excel and its features in various courses, this internship really put those skills to the test. I learned much more about Excel than I thought I knew and these new/improved skills will allow me to be more successful in the future."
Adam Hayes headshot

Adam Hayes (MBA)

Chevron Corporation

"I learned about the five Chevron leadership behaviors during a leadership engagement session with executive vice president Jay Johnson. He shared that 'Good leaders will set clear expectations, observe performance, remove barriers, give and attain feedback, and coach others.' This resonated with me as I was a people leader at my last employer. Removing barriers and establishing transparency for my associates were deliverables that I worked to achieve daily."
Addison Kiteley with several other co-workers wearing yellow safety vests smiling.

Addison Kiteley (Supply Chain Management)

ZF Friedrichshafen

"One thing I learned which I feel was important in this internship is to not be afraid to ask questions. You have to remember that you are there to learn, so asking questions and testing for understanding is a sign of professional maturity to your employer."
Braeden Furlow standing in front of table with Techtronic Industries tools wearing safety glasses and gloves

Braeden Furlow (Marketing)

Techtronic Industries

"My favorite part was getting to work with our products in the stores and demo them for customers."
Angelina Baglio standing in front of a wall with the Michigan Realtors logo

Angelina Baglio (Hospitality Business)

Michigan Realtors

"My favorite experience through my internship has been working on an event throughout the planning process and getting to execute it on-site from start to finish. Seeing all your hard work come to life and your attendees happy is one of the most rewarding feelings."
Felipe Martinez headshot

Felipe Martinez (Supply Chain Management)

Rocket Companies

"The company's willingness to invest in my development was my favorite aspect of my internship. The abundance of opportunities for interns to participate in online trainings, seminars, and shadowing different departments across the whole organization was a privilege. In addition, my mentors, team members, and leaders' willingness to assist me throughout the summer provided me a lot of flexibility to explore and ask questions."
Hadley Krzyske headshot

Hadley Krzyske (Finance)

KKR & Co, Inc.

"I can confidently say that something I learned was how to proactively source investment information to create a comprehensive thesis articulating a final recommendation based on the portfolio's strategy."
Victoria Gavilan headshot

Victoria Gavilan (Marketing)


"One thing I learned during my internship is to truly know and seek to understand your audience. This is applicable for marketing in terms of the consumer, but also relevant for business life in general. Understanding who you are talking to cross functionally, how to present to a certain team of people, and how to act to be most successful in relationships are all still ways of knowing your audience. Building these skills during my internship has taught me how to be a well informed marketer and business professional moving forward in my career."
Alan Saleh headshot

Alan Saleh (Supply Chain Management)


"My favorite experience at Target was the level of autonomy I was given through this role. Target does not treat you like an intern you actually immerse yourself in the role. I was able to become an acting operations manager and experience all the job had to offer and it felt incredible to learn, but also experience the same role as my mentors and peers."
"Among the many lessons learned from this internship, perhaps the most important was how to effectively manage a team despite internal and external pressure, coordination with other departments, and unforeseen complications."
Tyler Dahms, Hospitality Business
Dakarai Young standing outside the Ernst & Young building sign

Dakarai Young (Supply Chain Management)

Ernst & Young

"During my Internship, I learned how important it is to network, ask questions, reach out, and place yourself in situations where you can learn and grow."
Joshua May standing next to the 122nd U.S. Open Championship Trophy for the United States Golf Association

Joshua May (Hospitality Business)

The Country Club

"This summer the Country Club hosted the 122nd U.S. Open championship. My favorite part of my internship there was bartending on the 18th green for the week of the Open. Working on the 18th green as the golfers came down the stretch was one of the most unique experiences. From the roars of the crowd as Matt Fitzpatrick finished on the 18th, the sounds were deafening and there was an energy that was indescribable."
Allie Bancroft along with other team Dell technologies team members smiling in a group photo

Allie Bancroft (MBA)

Dell Technologies

"I learned to trust my creativity. If you are given a problem that does not have a clear solution, try different methods. As an intern or new employee you can offer a fresh perspective, so take your prior experiences and education to maximize your value. Even though I had no prior finance work experience, I was able to take other facets of knowledge I have to produce a creative answer. Once you get past the imposter syndrome and showcase your confidence, there's so much you can achieve."
Lauren Dowd standing outside the Raymond James building sign

Lauren Dowd (Finance)

Raymond James

"My favorite experience through my internship on the Equity Capital Markets team at Raymond James was working alongside intelligent and motivated individuals that were constantly going above and beyond to contribute to my professional development. Despite the currently slow equity market, they provided me with valuable, hands-on experience by staffing me on live follow-on deals and including me in weekly external calls."
Carlos Conrad wearing a yellow safety vest inside an Amazon wearhouse

Carlos Conrad (Supply Chain Management)


"No day in operations is ever the same. There are always new challenges and obstacles to overcome, but the village that is Amazon Operations works tirelessly to deliver results and drive that customer-centricity. I am truly grateful I got the chance to experience this."
Tyler Dahms standing behind a Hotel concierge desk

Tyler Dahms (Hospitality Business)

The Hythe, A Luxury Collection Resort

"Among the many lessons learned from this internship, perhaps the most important was how to effectively manage a team despite internal and external pressure, coordination with other departments, and unforeseen complications."
Abeeha Zaidi standing in front of the Toyota sign

Abeeha Zaidi (Supply Chain Management)


"I was granted the opportunity to drive down to Kentucky and visit the Toyota plant. My mentor scheduled tours and I did a 5 hour (10 mile) tour of one of the largest automotive plants in the U.S. I was able to see how vehicles like the Corolla and RAV-4 were manufactured, from the engine being put together to the paint being coated on. This was a once in a lifetime rare experience that I was lucky enough to have."
Sydney Herring professional photo

Sydney Herring (Supply Chain Management)

Consumers Energy

"My favorite experience was visiting the Ludington Pumped Storage Plant in Ludington, Michigan which has been called one of the world’s largest electric batteries. The reservoir can provide energy in a moment’s notice and sits on a 1,000-acre site along Lake Michigan."
Abigaile Wu standing in front of a GEP banner

Abigaile Wu (MBA)


"I will never forget that I had a great time visiting the office. GEP employees were very friendly and organized some wonderful events for us. GEP has a collaborative culture and there is no hierarchy, so you can communicate with supervisors easily and they are always friendly and open to new ideas."
Emma Petrillo in Target store holding the target dog mascot sculpture

Emma Petrillo (Marketing)


"My favorite part of the experience so far has been creating bonds with the team that will last beyond my internship. No matter the work center or position, every member of the store effortlessly welcomed me into the fun, fast-paced atmosphere."
Maggie Beckeman in front of a Chevrolet truck

Maggie Beckeman (Supply Chain Management)

General Motors

"My favorite experience was the opportunity to network with those within the company and meet the other interns from different departments. It was awesome to meet a ton of past MSU alumni that also work at the company as well and hear how their career paths led them to General Motors."