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MSI Consortium – Reflections on Global Supply Chain Challenges in Highly Technical & Regulated Industries

Thursday, March 16
11:00 am
-12:00 pm

The supply chain has been one of the most studied and researched areas of business due to its criticality for the continuity of manufacturing and the flow of goods. The disruptions experienced globally within the last few years such as those labeled as the container crisis, the chip crisis, the Covid-19 pandemic crisis, etc. further reminded everyone the importance of effective supply chain management. As it is critical for all industries, the topic has some specific peculiarities when we focus on tightly controlled and highly technical aerospace, space, defense, and industrial markets.

How do companies operating in highly technical and tightly controlled industrial markets manage their supply chains? What are the key external factors and how do they come into consideration? What are the key traits that they would be looking for in selecting key supplier partners? How do they find sources to supply these key/critical technologies and how do they manage those suppliers? How do they attract customers and how does this impact their operations? What is the impact of advancements in manufacturing technology, digitalization, cybersecurity, environmental and societal concerns on supply chain designs?

Our highly experienced executive speaker will delve into the world of such industries and provide valuable insights in understanding the dynamics of global supply chains through the lens of hi-tech and tightly controlled industries.

This is a free webinar, but registration is required.


Thursday, March 16
11:00 am-12:00 pm
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International Business Center