You often hear of Broad College of Business students having job offers straight out of college, but what about corporate sponsorships as a professional golfer? If you’re Lindsey McPherson (MS Business Analytics ’15), you’re one of the few who fall into the second category.

Lindsey McPherson

McPherson’s relationship with Meijer went full-circle: golf course to case study, then back again (Photo credit: LPGA)

Just three years ago, McPherson was one of the top players on the Spartan women’s golf team and was selected to compete in the inaugural Meijer LPGA Classic. The Grand Rapids-headquartered grocer selected McPherson and one other golfer to sponsor in the tournament, but this was just the beginning of her relationship with the company.

Fast forward one year, to when while completing her master’s degree in the Department of Accounting and Information Systems, McPherson was randomly assigned Meijer as her final project case study company.

Through time spent at Meijer’s offices and stores, and with its corporate team, McPherson learned more than marketing strategies and predictive analytics; in fact, the project strengthened her connection to the company.

“I started to spend more time with them through the project, and I told them I was starting my professional career. They gave me the sponsor exemption last year and also sponsored me financially to help me out,” she said. “They have been a fantastic sponsor, and I’m so proud to wear the Meijer logo on my chest and bag.”

McPherson says that if it wasn’t for her business analytics case, she wouldn’t have had the opportunity to reconnect with Meijer and be where she is now in the LPGA.

Today, she is a rookie on the Symetra Tour, and similar to coming full-circle with her sponsor, recently played her first Four Winds Invitational – just a few hours from her home town.


For additional information on McPherson’s connection with Meijer, please visit the LPGA website.