An alumna is generously sponsoring four junior and senior female finance majors to attend the 9th annual Invest for Kids Conference at Chicago’s Harris Theater on November 2.

The conference features presentations from an elite group of successful investment managers. In addition to presenting their specific investment ideas, they speak about macro-economic, political, and investment themes. Since 2009, Invest For Kids has raised more than $10 million to benefit 47 charitable organizations reaching over 75,000 children.

In 2016 more than 1100 portfolio managers, family offices, private investors and analysts from across the financial services, hedge fund, private equity, and real estate industries attended the conference. This year some 175 students from nine universities, including Broad College students Greer Clausen, Niki Krear, Amanda McConnell and Peyton Pawlusiak, will join these professionals. Prior to the conference, these women will enjoy a student-only presentation and discussion with John Rogers, Jr., Chairman, CEO and CIO of Ariel Investments, during a luncheon at the University Club.

The FMI wishes to thank this alumna for her incredibly generous support.