Peyton Pawlusiak, Jessica McCleary, Celia Oatis and Niki Krear at the "Invest for Kids" conference in Chicago

Peyton Pawlusiak, Jessica McCleary, Celia Oatis and Niki Krear at the “Invest for Kids” conference in Chicago

For the second consecutive year, a Broad College alumna generously sponsored four junior and senior female FMI Scholars to attend the annual Invest for Kids Conference at Chicago’s Harris Theater.

The conference featured presentations from an elite group of successful investment managers. In addition to presenting their specific investment ideas, they spoke about macro-economic and investment themes. Since 2009, Invest For Kids has raised more than $13 million in support of 60 charitable organizations serving Chicago’s children.

More than 1,000 portfolio managers, family offices, private investors and analysts from across the financial services, hedge fund, private equity, and real estate industries attended the conference. Some 100 students from the Univ. of Chicago and Chicago Booth, Kellogg, DePaul, Marquette, Univ. of Illinois, Loyola., Univ. of Michigan, Univ. of Wisconsin as well as Michigan State joined these professionals. Representing the Broad College were seniors Niki Krear and Peyton Pawlusiak; they were joined by juniors Jessica McCleary and Celia Oatis. Prior to the conference these women enjoyed a student-only presentation and discussion with David Scherer, founder of Origin Investments and co-founder of the non-profit One Million Degrees.

The FMI thanks this alumna for her incredibly generous support.