A professional headshot of Broad College alumnus Greg Matlock, EY's Americas Energy and Resources Tax Leader.

Greg Matlock (B.A. Finance ’01), EY’s Americas Energy and Resources Tax Leader

Many MSU alumni are acting in the “Spartans Will” spirit by standing together and being resourceful to overcome challenges of the novel coronavirus outbreak.

One challenge has sprouted from ongoing tax and stimulus policy changes that impact both people and businesses. Broad Spartan alumnus Greg Matlock (B.A. Finance ’01), EY’s Americas Energy and Resources Tax Leader, has helped deploy a tracking tool for people to get frequent updates on these government responses throughout the crisis.

“Whether through tax cuts, investment incentives or changes to filing deadlines, tax systems will play a significant part in helping to alleviate the financial and economic turmoil that is now occurring,” Matlock said. “EY created the COVID-19 Stimulus Tracker, which is regularly updated, to help our clients rapidly monitor emerging government policy and stimulus responses to COVID-19, which are evolving around the globe and being implemented on a daily basis.”

The EY COVID-19 Stimulus Tracker provides a snapshot of these global policy changes, helping business leaders navigate such a dynamic landscape.

“The environment is constantly changing, and being up to speed and aware of all of the changes can help clients address challenges and capitalize on opportunities,” Matlock said.

EY takes pride in being proactive to inform its clients as change inevitably happens. “EY has created trackers for various changes [in the past], but what has been impressive [now] has been the pace at which EY was able to operationalize the collection of the global, rapidly evolving information,” he said.

Matlock explained that EY, like many companies, has embraced the virtual work setting in order to quickly respond and continue the company’s important efforts.

“A bright spot has been the expansion (and deployment) of various programs and tools to allow for seamless connectivity between our teams, as well as with our clients,” he said. “For example, using Microsoft Teams, and many other applications, has been an incredibly efficient and effective way to maintain continuity and thrive in this uncertain environment.”

In an uplifting message for fellow Spartans, Matlock emphasized how we can be inspired and grateful in many ways right now. “This too shall pass, and although there is a tremendous amount of uncertainty and devastation, there is a lot to be thankful for,” he said. “We can be thankful for our families, friends and loved ones, as well as the helpers, medical professionals and essential business workers (grocery, pharmacy, etc.), each of which are inspiring and are doing an incredible job!”

Matlock serves as one example of the many Broad Spartan alumni standing together and stepping up to make a difference in this critical time, inspiring Spartans to reach higher and persevere together.

To review the comprehensive and updated information in the EY COVID-19 Stimulus Tracker, visit EY.com.