Being a Spartan means being a part of a community that stretches far beyond Michigan State University’s campus. A Spartan is representative of the mass of passionate alumni, as well as fans, and current and future staff and students.

Broad donors sit at a table with student scholarship recipients they impacted.

Broad alumni donors connected with students impacted by their generous scholarships.

Alumni of the Broad College of Business know the importance of building the next generation of Spartans and putting them through school, acknowledging they are the next round of bright individuals who will continue on to impact the world. In this past year, nearly 500 scholarships were awarded to students from 253 Broad alum donors and corporations. These scholarships amounted to more than $1.08 million towards Broad students’ tuition.

To celebrate and honor Broads’ amazing alumni and the impact they make on students’ lives, for the past six years the Broad has connected donors and scholarship recipients through hosting a Scholarship Luncheon. At this event, donors meet recipients of these scholarships and see firsthand the direct impact they have made.

“Look around at the students who are with us, and recognize the profound and lasting impact you have made on these students. Simply put, you have changed their lives for the better through your gifts,” said Sanjay Gupta, dean of the Broad College.

Sparty give a speech.

The event took place the day before MSU’s Homecoming game, and Spartan spirit was riding high.

The investment Broad alumni make in advancing the education of fellow Broad Spartans is representative of the reputation the college upholds, known for its passion and encouragement of its community to make an impact on the world around them. “You are part of a legacy and a tradition that is second to none,” Gupta said to the students and alumni.

Quin Wetzel (BA Finance ’18) and recipient of the STARR Scholarship spoke at the luncheon about the impact his scholarship has made in his college career thus far. The STARR Scholarship covers full tuition for students from Wyoming and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

“MSU has a way of pushing and molding you, one step at a time. I look back and think about the nervous freshman I used to be and all the challenges and growth this University has given me. I remember my first finance course and building a diversified portfolio. Next week, I’m interviewing with Fisher Investments for an analyst position in Dallas,” Wetzel said.

“The gift that the STARR Scholarship gave me isn’t just a degree. It’s a life. It’s a Spartan family. It’s a community. The STARR has taken me from the U.S. Senate Budget Committee, to feeling the Indian Ocean at the Southern-most tip of Africa. In May, I’ll receive a degree, and what I’ve learned in Broad has opened so many doors, but the experiences and the relationships I’ve built in the last three years are what have truly made my college career special,” Wetzel said.