Students dress in their professional attire and stand in front of MSU's Beaumont Tower

The 2019 Broad Student Senate

The Broad Student Senate was recognized as one of the top Michigan State University student organizations by earning the award for Student Organization Achievement 2018-2019. This award is present to a student organization that has demonstrated outstanding leadership and service to the MSU community.

“For our organization, this truly means a lot. We are one of the few organizations on campus that emphasizes the impact on the greater student body and not just members of our own organization. Receiving this award has recognized each of the Senate’s 40 members for the hard work they put in throughout the year that often went unnoticed,” the organization’s president, Jessica Mijal, said.

In nominating the Broad Student Senate for this award, Mijal reflected back on how the organization operated effectively as a team and with others as well as how the Senate improved the MSU community and made significant achievements throughout the year.

“Two events put on this year that Senate is especially proud of are Broad Fall Welcome and the first annual Broad Business Gala,” Mijal said. “I am extremely proud of my organization for having a group mindset of wanting to be better and do more and for welcoming changes that will help us do this.”

Jessica Mijal poses with the award

Jessica Mijal, President, Broad Student Senate

At the end of another school year, Mijal feels that she, along with every other member of the Broad Student Senate, has set this organization up for success as well as set the level of expectation for future members.

“Going forward, I believe the organization knows that as recipients of this award for the 2018-2019 school year, we have to set the bar even higher for the 2019-2020 school year to maintain our status as recognized leaders on campus,” Mijal said.

Someone else who believes in this organization’s bright future is its advisor and academic advisor at the Broad College, Stephanie Brewer. Brewer has seen what this group of students can do and is especially impressed by the work Mijal has done as president.

“Jessica has been such a strong president. She has really guided the organization through formal and informal shifts that have increased their opportunities to give back to the college,” Brewer said. “Jessica facilitated a constitution change this year that will be implemented in the next academic year. These changes will continue to open opportunities for the organization to serve their peers.”

Brewer continued, “I am very proud of all the members of Senate, but even more importantly, I am proud of all the students of the Broad College of Business. They have worked collaboratively and diligently to serve the Broad community. I’m proud to be a part of their experience.”

Being associated with and representative of the Broad Student Senate never failed to excite and impress Mijal. She believes that this award is just the first of many recognitions that this organization can receive.

“From my time as a general member to the director to president, the drive this organization has never ceased to amaze me,” Mijal said. “I know that with this new title, we will be inspired to do more and be better than ever before.”