The Broad College of Business Graduate Supply Chain Management Association donated $1,300 to local charity Small Talk from its Pi Day fundraiser.

“It’s supporting our community in such ways that make me feel proud to be a Spartan,” stated Nitin Balakrishnan (MBA ’18).

Small Talk’s mission is to provide therapy at no cost to children who are victims of physical and sexual abuse. This is the second year the GSCMA has hosted a fundraiser for the charity, partnering with Grand Traverse Pie Company, which provided the fundraiser’s pie.

“As an afterglow, if you were to point people to a great site for how to teach/prevent child sexual abuse, I recommend We Are Team Zero or The Mama Bear Effect. With all that is happening, these are great resources to recommend people to go to when they ask, ‘what can be done?’” stated the partners at Grand Traverse Pie. “We all need to be more comfortable to talk, protect, and report against child sexual abuse.”