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Business analytics and baseball: A home run for graduating Broad Spartan Peter Ahn

By Vivian Tran, student writer
Monday, December 5, 2022

With fall 2022 commencement around the corner, it’s a special time to celebrate Spartans’ greatest triumphs before they enter a new chapter. For student athletes, hard work is needed both on the field and off to complete their program while juggling other aspirations and obligations.

Peter Ahn headshot

Peter Ahn (B.S. in Food Industry Management ’21, M.S. in Business Data Science & Analytics ’22)

Peter Ahn, a Michigan State University baseball player, wrapped up his final season last May with much to be proud of. Throughout his five years as a student athlete, Ahn was a four-year letter winner and was recognized for both his athletic and academic performance as a four-time Academic All Big Ten honoree and Big Ten Player of the week in 2020.

During his last season, he played in 53 of 54 games and had a season-long seven-game hitting streak as well as a 12-game reached base streak. Along the way, he has served on the MSU student athlete advisory committee as the baseball representative, volunteered at Miracle League events and is co-founder of Spartan Analytics Consulting Group, a pro-bono organization that provides consulting to local businesses and trains members on various technical skills.

After earning a B.S. in Food Industry Management in 2021, Ahn has been pursuing his master’s in Business Data Science and Analytics from the Broad College for the past two years. Following graduation this month, he is looking forward to entering the workplace and contributing to a new team. Ahn is currently seeking business analyst roles to leverage his new skillsets and aspires to work in new project development within the automotive industry in the future.

In this Q&A, Ahn discusses his personal journey at MSU and the value of being a lifelong learner.

Broad News: What inspired you to pursue an M.S. in Business Data Science & Analytics from Broad to pair with your bachelor’s degree?

Ahn: As I was nearing the end of my B.S. in Food Industry Management, I realized that I wanted to further my business, analytical and computer language skills. I still had NCAA eligibility, and the M.S. in Business Data Science & Analytics was the perfect fit to increase my knowledge of both technical and business topics.

Broad News: What are some of the most memorable experiences you’ve had during your program thus far? What are some key takeaways you’ve learned?

Ahn: The most memorable part of this program, other than the coursework, has been the friends I have made. I have formed relationships with people from all over the world and from different points in their careers. I began this program immediately after finishing my undergraduate degree, and learning from my peers who have already been in the workforce has been a very valuable resource.

My main takeaway has been that there is a wealth of knowledge in the world, and it is important to always be learning. The field of data analytics is growing exponentially, and I am excited to be a part of that growth and to contribute to the success of the field.

Broad News: What was it like to manage your athletic career while pursuing your degrees? Which achievements are you most proud of?

Ahn: It was very difficult. My undergraduate courses required a lot of coordination with TAs to accommodate my athletic schedule. In graduate school, professors have been very helpful if I need to miss class or take an exam at a different time. It was difficult pursuing both degrees in season, and I took many exams in hotel lobbies and airport terminals.

I loved every second I was able to wear the green and white jersey, but some of my favorite memories are of trips to Greenville, South Carolina, to play on beautiful Fluor Field. I will never forget a game-winning home run I hit there in extra innings and the big mob of my teammates when I crossed home plate. I am incredibly proud to have been a four-time Academic All Big Ten selection, as well as being chosen Big Ten Player of the Week.

Broad News: What advice do you have for fellow MSU student athletes?

Ahn: Put your head down and work for it, whatever that it may be. Being a student athlete is not easy, but if you want success both on the field and in the classroom, more will be required of you than you expect.

Peter Ahn is just one of the many inspiring Broad Spartans graduating this December. For more information on fall 2022 commencement ceremonies, visit

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