Any athlete will tell you that “success” is more than points on a scoreboard. Success is the result of team effort, hard work, dedication, and commitment to achieving a goal. And as Broad College of Business student athletes will tell you, the same success factors that apply to their sport also do so for their academic performance.

B1G 10 Division Champions

Six MSU Women’s Golf Team members represented the Broad College — not only as high academic achievers, but also B1G 10 Division Champions.

MSU recognized these students for their academic achievements (earning honors, high honors, or highest honors) at the Academic Excellence Gala, hosted by Student Athlete Support Services. MSU celebrated 63 Broad College student athletes – more than any other college in the university.

On Wednesday, April 26, Broad’s graduating athletes celebrated their academic achievements at a breakfast hosted by the college. In attendance included athletes from Michigan State University’s hockey, tennis, soccer, golf, and swimming teams, among others, as well as leadership from Student Athletic Support Services and the Broad College.

Toasting on behalf of the Broad College faculty and academic services, Dean Sanjay Gupta spoke to the athletes about the critical role they play in enhancing the college’s reputation and recognition, as well as the college’s ongoing efforts to enhance the overall student experience. “At the heart of our strategic plan is what our students take from their time at the Broad College. You and your dedication are what make us what we are, and it is our job to provide you with the experiences as undergraduates to thrive when you move on to your next chapter,” he said.

“Having worked with these students since they came to MSU, I feel especially proud to see how far they’ve come—both in and outside of the classroom,” said Dwight Handspike, senior associate director of Undergraduate Academic Services for the Broad College of Business. “As Spartans, they have an innate drive to succeed, and have done a tremendous job balancing their student and athletic responsibilities. We look forward to seeing where they go in their next chapter, and look forward to welcoming them back,” he said.


  • Keegan Baar, Accounting
  • Martin Bechina, Business
  • Robert Jones, Management
  • Jacob Kruk, Finance
  • Kory Young, Finance

Cross Country/Track & Field

  • Nathan Burand, International Business
  • Taylor Hopp, Finance
  • Allison Lunau, Supply Chain Management
  • Jennifer Rogers, Supply Chain Management
  • Daniel Sims, Supply Chain Management
  • Matthew Thomas, Finance
  • Alexis Wiersma, Marketing

Field Hockey

  • Amanda Robinson, Business


  • Byron Bullough, Supply Chain Management
  • Cole Chewins, Finance
  • Messiah deWeaver, Business
  • Chase Gianacakos, Supply Chain Management
  • Jacob Hartbarger, Hospitality Business
  • Hussien Kadry, Finance
  • Matthew Macksood, Human Resource Management (Masters)
  • Grayson Miller, General Management
  • Matthew Morrissey, Finance
  • Tyler O’Connor, Marketing Research (Masters)
  • Josiah Price, Hospitality Business


  • Sarah Burnham, Hospitality Business
  • Greer Clausen, Finance
  • Scott Dunsire, Business
  • Sean Friel, Accounting
  • Caroline Harding, Finance
  • Carolyn Markley, Business
  • Charlie Netzel, Management
  • Glenn Piot, Finance
  • Sybil Robinson, Marketing
  • Jacqueline Setas, Marketing
  • Samuel Weatherhead, Hospitality Business


  • Lindsey Lemke, Hospitality Business

Ice Hockey        

  • Mason Appleton, Business
  • Joseph Cox, Accounting
  • Christopher Knudson, Accounting
  • Jerad Rosburg, Finance
  • Brennan Sanford, Business


  • Asabe Danpollo, Accounting


  • Michelle Dear, Finance
  • James Fiscus, Supply Chain Management
  • Allyson Krause, Hospitality Business
  • Louis Plascencia, Business
  • Brian Winterfield, Finance
  • Savanna Wojtanowski, Management


  • Brett Forman, Marketing
  • Jasper Koenen, Hospitality Business
  • Emily Meyers, Supply Chain Management
  • Davina Nguyen, Marketing
  • William Shisler, Business

Track & Field    

  • Taylor Hopp, Finance


  • Mark Bozzo, Marketing