For Tim Kuennen (MBA Human Resources and Supply Chain Management ’14; BA Accounting ’11), it wasn’t necessarily an aspiration for business, but rather the people who drive business, that attracted him to the Broad College of Business MBA.

MBA Tim Keunnen.

Tim Keunnen explains that the Broad MBA positioned him to make an immediate impact in the workplace

Keenan works for Deloitte’s Human Capital practice on the HR Transformation team. There, he helps clients’ human resources teams strategize, redesign, and implement tools and tactics to maximize returns. While Keenan’s accounting degree got his foot in the door of a “Big Four” firm, he recognized the skills and attributes needed to be a successful consultant weren’t taught in his undergrad courses, which is why he pursued an MBA.

“I’ve always been open and engaging, which is why I love the consulting space so much. You have the opportunity to think strategically but also have that client face-to-face contact,” Keenan said. “You need to understand needs, the challenges they’re facing, and help create solutions to those challenges.”

The most critical steps Keenan took in learning the key attributes of a consultant were in his MBA classes. “Michigan State’s program is so collaborative and diverse. From day one, you’re placed into your teams and working on an international level – which is a true depiction of what the workplace is like today. As a result, you get an advantage through MSU’s program because you’re prepared to interact within those dynamics,” he said.

For careers in a fast-paced, global workforce that require constant collaboration and engagement with people of different backgrounds, Broad’s MBA has proven the natural first-step.