Dilavar Goyal (MBA '23) is appreciative of the community support that has been shown by MSU during his time here.

Dilavar Goyal (MBA ’23)

It was a thrilling moment at midnight when I read that email from Michigan State University, carrying the best news I had received in the past year: my offer of admission to the prestigious Full-Time MBA program at the Eli Broad College of Business. Being an international student from India, I knew it would be a tough road ahead to transition from my country to East Lansing. However, the wonderful MBA admissions team at the Broad College and MSU’s Office of International Students and Scholars provided all the support and guidance to make the journey as smooth as possible. From the admissions package delivery, with admission letters and Spartan swag, to the pre-MBA preparation courses, it was evident that everything was planned with great attention to detail.

The school provided all the necessary resources; however, there are certain things beyond anyone’s control, specifically the uncertainties of getting an appointment slot for a U.S. visa. Due to the unexpected surge in COVID cases in the month of April, all the U.S. consulates in India were operating with limited resources. There were more than 100,000 students seeking visa appointments, and I was one of them. Fortunately, luck was on my side, and I was able to get a slot. Fast forward two months and I was on the beautiful MSU campus in the city of East Lansing, attending a fantastic orientation program at school.

I fell in love with East Lansing the first day I came here. It’s a college town with a remarkable student vibe that makes every student feel included in the culture of MSU. Every corner of the university is well interconnected with East Lansing, Lansing and Okemos via the CATA bus service. The business college is right across the street from the bus terminal for students to conveniently travel to and from school at any time of the day. Downtown East Lansing has numerous options to eat and drink, with many cuisines from all over the world. Second-year MBA students at the school were always available to provide the apposite information and help me blend into the culture of MSU — the Spartan culture. After attending tailgates and cheering for the MSU football team, I was 100% a Spartan within days.

Balancing my social life with academics, I quickly leaped into my search for an internship for summer 2022. The world had already changed, and so did the recruitment methodology. Career fairs and interviews were virtual now. Thanks to the Broad College’s Russell Palmer Career Management Center, these changes were no longer a nightmare for students. We were equipped with the knowledge we needed to shine bright in this virtual recruiting environment.

Recruitment started quite early at Broad, but this was not a surprise as I had been in touch with the career center even before classes started in the fall. Finding a right fit for the summer internship is a humongous job in itself, with the multiple resume improvements and the neverending interview preparations. However, thanks to the close-knit community of the Broad MBA program, I was provided assistance whenever required and everyone around me helped me carve my path towards success. Virtual career fairs gave me a platform to network with hiring managers of various industries and organizations, some of them being Broad alumni. With sheer determination, a focused target and constant guidance by the career center, seniors and professors, I successfully received the internship offer I desired.