Ben Ramsay (MBA ’20), vice president of technology applications at Versant Physics

At Versant Medical Physics and Radiation Safety, a medical physics consulting company based in Kalamazoo, alumni Ben Ramsay (MBA ’20) and Ethan Zink (MBA ’20) have collaborated to lead the success of innovative software that’s making an impact for Michigan. Odyssey is a cloud-based suite of tools designed to simplify and streamline the management of radiation safety programs in hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, clinics and universities.

Traditionally, radiation safety industry professionals are forced to rely on outdated paper-based tracking and administrative methods to manage hazardous chemicals, waste and inventory. Odyssey’s innovative modules and digital platform are revolutionizing the way that radiation safety officers and environmental, health and safety professionals conduct their day-to-day tasks, allowing them to focus on big-picture problems.

Ethan Zink (MBA ’20), sales director at Versant Physics

Ramsay, an accomplished entrepreneur who designed the Odyssey software, began working at Versant in 2014 as manager of information technology before becoming vice president of technology applications, a position he has held for the past two years. In this role he oversees the IT department, including Versant’s team of software developers, and is responsible for managing IT infrastructure and equipment. Additionally, he manages the sales and marketing team and helps provide strategic direction for the family-owned business.

As sales director, Zink manages the sales and marketing department, covering everything from radiation safety software to regulatory needs. He works directly with customers through the entire life cycle of Versant services to ensure they have a quality service that has helped to make their jobs more effective and efficient.

In this Q&A, Zink talks about the innovative software and offers his advice to fellow Spartans for following their dreams.

Broad News: How is your work making a positive impact? What does that mean to you personally?

Zink: Our Odyssey software, and the work we put into developing this solution-based service, is making a positive impact through mitigating risk and enhancing compliance within radiation safety departments around the world. It is a cloud-based software that allows users to track, manage, report and share critical information pertaining to the safety and regulatory standards set in radiation safety departments.

Odyssey is a versatile software that is used in hospitals, universities and businesses alike. It means a great deal to work for an organization that serves its customers to help make a safer, more informed and more efficient work environment. I take pride in being able to work for an organization that helps people on a daily basis.

Broad News: How has the Odyssey software advanced health care in Michigan?

Zink: Odyssey has advanced health care in Michigan, and across the globe, through providing a state-of-the-art radiation safety software that allows users to manage program safety, measure personnel dosimetry departments and track hazardous chemicals, waste and inventory.

Broad News: What are the next steps for Odyssey? What are the current and long-term goals?

Zink: Odyssey is an evolving software, and we are currently in development with our 12th module — we will continue to develop and enhance the software based on the customers’ needs and the market demands.

The current goal of Odyssey is to continue to provide a comprehensive software that will enhance radiation safety programs and enable their staff to achieve more. The long-term goal for Odyssey is to become a global tool used by radiation safety programs to manage their radiation safety needs across the board.

Broad News: What advice do you have for current and future Broad Spartans?

Zink: The Broad [Executive MBA] program is an excellent stepping point to understand how to effectively work with teams and manage a business from the ground up. The cohort-based learning approach provides ample room for growth as both a leader and a team member.

My advice is to utilize the knowledge gained throughout these courses to harness your communication and problem-solving skills, and transfer those learned abilities into action in your current and future positions.