The Broad College of Business MS in Accounting Student Activity Board partnered with Special Olympics of Michigan, where athletes from Ingham and Eaton County competed in a basketball tournament and young athletes program.

Michigan State University has been hosting Special Olympics events on campus for over 40 years. This particular event was comprised of three parts:

  • The Young Athletes Program, which allowed younger athletes to participate who were not old enough for the basketball tournament.
  • The basketball tournament, which required 200 volunteers to act as timekeepers and scorekeepers alike.
  • A basketball skills activity, in which basketball skills were reviewed with athletes and schools that did not have enough kids to make a team.

Elexis Grimes (BA Accounting ’18), a volunteer at the event, recounted her excitement to volunteer: “I enjoy being able to contribute to the livelihoods of others, and volunteering at the Special Olympics was a great way for me to do that.”

Grimes went on to describe her takeaway from the event, stating, “The dedication, care, and passion expressed by the students’ teachers and coaches was truly touching. My appreciation has deepened for those who dedicate their lives to aid in the development of students with special abilities. Furthermore, I was astonished at how the students worked together to assist their peers that needed more help. It was beautiful to see this kind of teamwork and support.”