Kathy Petroini with the winners of the competition from the University of Wisconsin.Michigan State Univesity’s Department of Supply Chain Management hosted the annual Bowersox Undergraduate Supply Chain Challenge. 15 teams participated in the competition: MSU, Arkansas State University, BYU, Central Michigan University, Duquesne University, Grand Valley State University, Miami University, Northeastern University, Ohio State University, Texas Christian University, University of North Florida, University of Wisconsin – Madison, Wayne State University, Western Michigan University, and West Virginia University.

In first place was the University of Wisconsin. The team included: Anthony Walvoort, Megan Veriha, Angeline Noseda, Yoki Wang and Team Advisor Danielle Zink. Following, in second place came Texas Christian University, and in third Northeastern University. A special thank you to those who made the event possible, including the sponsors and participants.