Kim Choi.

Kim Choi found the career (and personal) change she needed with an MBA

For Kim-Lan (Kim) and Dean Choi (MBA Finance ’07), Michigan State’s MBA program at the Broad College of Business holds a special place in their hearts. The two met at a reception during student experience week before choosing Broad as their chosen program, and again during orientation week. While Kim claims she couldn’t place Dean from their initial meeting, study groups became something special and the rest is history.

Today, Dean is vice president, private client advisory at JP Morgan Chase, and Kim is assistant budget manager at Chapman University in Orange County, California. While the Chois have Broad to thank for converging their paths, both say that Broad was the place they turned when their lives were in need of change.

Kim worked in accounting for Sony Pictures Entertainment for four years, felt the need for a career change, and was drawn to MSU for its top-ranked supply chain management program. While she decided to focus on finance once enrolling, she knew that Broad’s MBA was the key to the change she needed.

Dean’s change, however, had a more distressed beginning. After graduating from the University of Michigan with a degree in economics, he began working in finance in New York City – and witnessed the second Twin Tower crashing to the ground on 9/11. Traumatized, Dean began questioning his life, career path, and what truly made him happy.

Dean Choi.

Dean Choi always had a finance gene – but the Broad MBA took him to the next level

He packed his bags for Dallas, Texas, to work for Travelocity for a short time before reassessing his next steps to securing a long-term career. Knowing the importance of family back in Michigan, Dean said the choice was simple: Michigan State.

Broad’s MBA program opens doors and makes room for change – whether in terms of personal growth, professional development, or new career paths. Students walk away with new outlooks and opportunities, which ultimately impact their personal lives and professional aspirations.