Sometimes, an MBA is the missing link connecting passion and profession. Jeff Hecker (MBA Supply Chain Management ’13) graduated from Purdue University in 2007 with a political science degree, but he found he needed a solid business foundation to make an impact in the workplace.

Like many, he focused his undergraduate studies on a field he felt passionate about, yet he was searching for something that would position him to thrive professionally.

Jeff Hecker.

Jeff Hecker realized that Broad’s MBA was missing the link between his liberal arts education and a thriving career

As it turns out, Michigan State’s Broad College of Business was the answer to Hecker’s career conundrum. He says Broad’s reputation and nationally top-ranked supply chain management program were what first got his attention, but after a closer look at the program, he says the two elements that ultimately drew him to Broad were its comprehensive, well-rounded business education and a specialization that would differentiate him in the workplace.

Today, Hecker works for Intel Corporation as commodity manager in Hillsboro, Oregon. He manages Intel’s global silicon supply chain. He handles negotiation and sourcing strategy, and also assesses inventory levels and strategy to make sure there’s a sustainable, secure, and affordable supply for Intel.

Hecker’s job taps into his liberal arts critical thinking and reasoning, while leaning heavily on the supply chain management disciplinary knowledge he acquired during his MBA studies. No two days on the job are the same, he says, which is why he’s grateful for learning what he did about strengths, weaknesses, and teamwork at Broad.

Whether it’s reputation for alumni success, ranking prominence, or a solid business foundation to take your career to the next level, the reasons to explore Broad are limitless. Upon graduation, so are your possibilities.