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Broad Matters Season 3 Episode 4 - Building A Culture Of Success For Students

Monday, February 17, 2020
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Shana and Ken sit down with Programs Coordinator and Academic Advisor, Ann Crain. Ann talks about the Broad College’s Multicultural Business Programs and how they foster student success. Serving more than 650 students currently enrolled in business or pre-business majors, MBP provides continuing student support to help ensure graduation, with individualized academic advising, tutoring, career development and placement.

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In Other News:

Don Conlon sitting and talking with a colleague.
Conlon, who passed away Jan. 16, was known for his research excellence, leadership and camaraderie.
Broad students present at the 2023 Diversity Research Showcase
First- and second-place awards were given to hospitality business students at MSU’s sixth annual event.
Roger J. Calantone, Eli Broad Chaired University Professor of Business.
Calantone received the 2022 PDMA Crawford Fellow designation for contributions to product development and management.