Passion and hard work are just two of the many attributes Eli Broad College of Business accounting doctoral student Hari Ramasubramanian possesses.

“I believe one has to think long-term while pursuing a career in research and one has to be passionate about education and academia,” said Ramasubramanian.

Now, the Deloitte Foundation has taken notice. It recently awarded him a 2019 Deloitte Foundation Doctoral Fellowship in Accounting. He is one of 10 Ph.D students nationwide to receive a $25,000 grant to support their final year of schooling and doctoral dissertation.

Hari Ramasubramanian

Hari Ramasubramanian

“I am extremely delighted and honored to have received this fellowship. MSU has been a fantastic place and I have grown not only as an academic but also as an individual,” said Ramasubramanian. “The Deloitte Foundation Doctoral Fellowship will allow me to improve my research and teaching skills during the remainder of the Ph.D program.”

As an example of his dedication to his education and research, Ramasubramanian has been involved in experiences that set him apart from others.

One of these experiences was being co-founder and head of academic affairs for the Raising a Mathematician Foundation in India. This non-profit foundation’s purpose is to “spread the beauty, knowledge and application of mathematics to people of all ages,” according to the RAM Foundation website.

“One of our flagship programs is a national level one-week residential program offered free of cost which includes lodging and board for mathematically talented high school students with an objective to create a research attitude” among them, said Ramasubramanian. “This aspect of my application convinced the selection committee about my commitment towards education.”

In Ramasubramanian’s case, it also helped to have so many people who supported and helped him in his journey.

“First, my department has invested resources and provided wonderful support in terms of providing feedback and improving my research. Second, I am blessed to have a fantastic advisor in Ranjani Krishnan who believes in my ability and supports all my endeavors and does not advise me to be strategic but motivates me to approach research in a scholarly manner,” said Ramasubramanian.

“Third, (there is the) relentless support of my wife who completely understands how time-constrained a graduate student is. Last but definitely not the least, my work prior to joining the Ph.D program I believe made me stand out from other applications,” he said.

As Ramasubramanian looks ahead at his long-term future, he hopes to join a university with a similar reputation to that of the Broad College so that he can continue to contribute to research, teaching and service.

With the help of this fellowship grant, Ramasubramanian can further his career in the right direction for him and make a difference in the world of research, education and academia.

“This fellowship gives me confidence that I am putting the right foot forward and motivates me to continue my efforts in becoming a well-rounded academic and contribute in the future in the areas of research, teaching, and service,” said Ramasubramanian. “I hope to follow the legacy of past fellows who have been successful researchers with contributions to theory, practice and policy making.”