Staff, students, alumni, and construction team members alike gathered together at the Broad College of Business to commemorate the placing of the final steel beam upon what is soon to be the new Business Pavilion at the building’s topping off ceremony.

Dean Sanjay Gupta addressed the crowd, noting, “Today is a special day, not just for the Broad College, but for all of Michigan State University. What we are doing here today is recognizing a journey towards creating something unique on campus for a student experience that is second to none.”

At the ceremony, Dean Gupta thanked groups ranging from the architects and construction team to alumni donors for their relentless time, effort, and money expended towards helping the college achieve the construction of this building that will provide students with the collaborative environment needed to excel.

Also speaking at the event was Bobby LaLonde, vice president of Clark Construction. LaLonde shed light upon the unique approach taken by the Broad College to undergo this project. An Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) contract, which is used in less than 1 percent of projects globally, has been implemented for the execution of this project. This particular type of contract is a highly functional and collaborative approach, which LaLonde states is “a symbol for what we teach students to do here at Michigan State, to collaborate and utilize one another’s strengths.”

Some fun facts about the building of the new Business Pavilion were shared: more than 60 miles of wire and seven miles of pipe are required to construct this building.

Summer 2016 Olympic athlete and current Broad student Mohamed Hrezi (MBA Marketing ’18) spoke at the ceremony. Hrezi related his time as an Olympic marathon runner to his Broad MBA experience. He noted, “I had previously thought of running as an individualistic sport. However, when I walked across the Olympic stage, teary-eyed, I realized there is no such thing as an individualistic sport. Without the support of so many, ranging from doctors to coaches, I would have never made it where I was today. This transfers to the Broad College MBA program as well. My classmates and I collaborate daily and have created a bond that cannot be broken. The new Business Pavilion will facilitate the collaborative space needed to take the Broad College of Business to the next level, and I cannot wait to see it, as a proud Michigan State alum.”

All attendees had the opportunity to visit the construction site and sign the final steel beam, leaving their mark on this monumental building that is soon to be the Business Pavilion. The group then gathered to watch as the beam was airlifted and secured in place at its final destination.

“This building is not just a space to enhance the student experience; it goes far beyond this,” said Dean Gupta. “The new Business Pavilion is a symbol, a point of pride, and a statement made towards teaching and learning, while ultimately achieving one’s Spartan goals and dreams.”

View a short video of the event or a Flickr photo library from the day.