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Swapan Ghosh

Fixed-Term Faculty
Department: Management
Areas of Expertise
  • Biography
    Swapan Ghosh is a fixed-term faculty at Michigan State University.  He has six years of academic and twenty-five years of executive experience. His research focus areas are dynamic capability, digital strategy and transformation, and technology management and innovation. In his dissertation, he analyzed digital transformation from the dynamic capability lens and proposed key digital transformative capabilities for industrial businesses.  

    He was a management executive in Silicon Valley, CA, and held several management positions in the last twenty-five years. At Oracle, he was a global industry strategy director and was responsible for industry strategy and business development. He worked in managerial positions at several high-technology companies, including Oracle, General Electric, VMware, KLA, Applied Materials, etc. AT GE, he managed startup ecosystems for the industrial internet platform. He founded and managed two startups with successful exits.   

    Swapan graduated with an MTech in Industrial Engineering and Management from IIT(ISM) Dhanbad, India, an MBA from Santa Clara University, and a PhD in Management from Loughborough University, U.K.
  • Publications
    Steiber, A., Corvello, V., & Ghosh, S. (2022). International acquisition processes: A cultural analysis of GE Appliances' business transformationBusiness Horizons. 
    Ghosh, S., Hughes, M., Hodgkinson, I., & Hughes, P. (2021). Digital transformation of industrial businesses: A dynamic capability approachTechnovation, 102414.
    Steiber, A., Alänge, S., Ghosh, S., & Goncalves, D. (2020). Digital transformation of industrial firms: an innovation diffusion perspectiveEuropean Journal of Innovation Management.
    Ghosh, S., Hughes, M., Hughes, P., and Hodgkinson, I.H. (2020), Corporate Digital Entrepreneurship: Leveraging Industrial Internet of Things and Emerging Technologies, in Soltanifar, M., Hughes, M., and Göcke, L (Eds.), Digital Entrepreneurship: Impact on Business and Society, 978-3-030-53913-9, Springer, Cham. CC-BY, pp.183-207. 

    Ghosh, S., & Stieber, A. (2021). Effect of Digitization on Business Model InnovationArtificial Intelligence and Computing Logic: Cognitive Technology for AI Business Analytics, 205.
  • Courses
    • MGT 409: Business Policy and Strategic Management