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Rachel Hahn

Doctoral Student
Department: Management
  • Biography
    Rachel's research intersects the study of gender, leadership, and decision-making. She studies the physical experience of womanhood at work through the lens of ovarian hormones. Her hormone research explores how hormone changes in the menstrual cycle (assessed using saliva and self-report) impact decision-making. She also studies organizational structural components that hinder or promote women's health and leadership, such as the trickle out effects of a female leader in title only. 

    Rachel started running the Leadership Development Exercise for Freshman in the Broad Residential Business College program in 2020. Over the course of their first year, students engage in five team simulations and receive pinpointed performance feedback. Freshman often cite it as one of the most useful experiences of their first year in the Broad College due to the professionally practical nature of the exercise. 

    Rachel has an extensive teaching record, teaching University of Arizona undergraduate courses in the college of Business, the School of Information, and Communication for 6 years. Her specialty courses are Research Methods, Public Speaking, and writing courses. She also taught middle school and high school English for three years.

    Rachel received her Master's degree in Communication from University of Arizona in 2015, where she studied how children learn about nutrition from television as well as gender in media. She continues to translate her training and interest in these topics in her Management research. She earned a Bachelor's degree in English and Secondary Education from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.