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Zoran Ivkovich

MSUFCU Endowed Chair in Financial Institutions and Investments, Professor
Department: Finance
Eppley Center
667 N Shaw Ln Rm 331
East Lansing, MI 48824
Phone: (517) 353-4593
Curriculum Vitae
  • Publications
    R. Chaudhuri, Z. Ivkovic, and C. Trzcinka, 2018, Strategic Performance Allocation in Institutional Asset Management Firms. Review of Financial Studies 31(2), 638–677.
    S. Dimmock, W. Gerken, Z. Ivkovic, and S. Weisbenner, 2018, Capital Gains Lock-In and Governance Choices. Journal of Financial Economics 127(1), 113-135.
    J. Brown, Z. Ivkovic, and S. Weisbenner, 2015, Empirical Determinants of Intertemporal Choice. Journal of Financial Economics 116(3), 473-486.
    B. Becker, Z. Ivkovic, and S. Weisbenner, 2011, Local Dividend Clienteles. Journal of Finance LXVI (2), 655-683.
    Z. Ivkovic and S. Weisbenner, 2009, Individual Investor Mutual Fund Flows. Journal of Financial Economics 92 (2), 223-237.
    J. Brown, Z. Ivkovic, P. Smith, and S. Weisbenner, 2008, Neighbors Matter:  Causal Community Effects and Stock Market Participation. Journal of Finance LXIII (3), 1509-1531.
    Z. Ivkovic, C. Sialm, and S. Weisbenner, 2008, Portfolio Concentration and the Performance of Individual Investors. Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis 43 (3), 613-656.
    Z. Ivkovic and S. Weisbenner, 2007, Information Diffusion Effects in Individual Investors’ Common Stock Purchases: Covet Thy Neighbors’ Investment Choices. Review of Financial Studies 20 (4), 1327-1357.
    Z. Ivkovic, J. Poterba, and S. Weisbenner, 2005, Tax-Motivated Trading by Individual Investors. American Economic Review 95 (5), 1605-1630.
    Z. Ivkovic and S. Weisbenner, 2005, Local Does as Local Is: Information Content of the Geography of Individual Investors’ Common Stock Investments. Journal of Finance LX (1), 267-306.
    Z. Ivkovic and N. Jegadeesh, 2004, The Timing and Value of Forecast and Recommendation Revisions. Journal of Financial Economics 73 (3), 433-463.
    W. Goetzmann, Z. Ivkovic, and G. Rouwenhorst, 2001, Day Trading International Mutual Funds: Evidence and Policy Solutions. Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 36 (3), 287-309.
    W. Goetzmann, J. Ingersoll, and Z. Ivkovic, 2000, Monthly Measurement of Daily Timers. Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis 35 (3), 257-290.
  • Courses
    • FI 850: Investments
    • FI 851: Investments
    • FI 321: Theory of Investments
    • FI 891: Topics in Finance

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