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Diane Magers

Fixed-Term Faculty
Department: Marketing
  • Biography
    Diane is currently the Founder and CEO of Experience Catalysts, a small advisory and coaching firm based in Frisco, Texas. Before this, Diane was the CEO of the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA) and is now Chairman Emeritus. As a founding member of CXPA, a contributor to the CCXP (Certified Customer Experience Professional designation), a long-time board member, and Chairman of the Board, she has contributed content, mentored and championed new XM practitioners, and supported the broad, global community of XM professionals. 

    Diane is a long-time Experience Management practitioner who helped build the Office of the Customer at AT&T Business Solutions and was Sr. Director of Customer Engagement at Sysco Foods. She has 25 years of transforming experience working in and with brands such as State Farm, VMWare, Autodesk, CommScope, Invisalign, Ciena, Freeman, Cisco, Texas Health and Human Services, Turo, Equifax, MoneyGram, and Sodexho.

    Diane earned an MS in Clinical Psychology and an MBA. She is a Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP) and Voice of Customer, Customer Experience Management, Net Promoter Score, CX Design, and Innovation LUMA certifications.

    She has formulated numerous Customer Intelligence/Voice of Customer programs as a foundation for XM practices. She believes the qualitative human element of XM is critical to defining and designing the most impactful actions for customers and leveraging the qualitative insights to drive culture shifts. Diane has personally interviewed thousands of individuals, led teams of researchers, conducted focus groups and customer and employee advisory boards, and created panel research on extensive topics - everything from brand experience, to product and UX design, sales engagements, and many more touch points with customers.  During this work, she has gained knowledge of Qualitative tools and techniques. Most importantly, Diane has gained a deep understanding of the structure of the insights to the action structure required to drive impact from qualitative research and analysis.

    Diane believes sustainable change requires embedding customer and experience capabilities into all parts of an organization - within the processes, workflows, decision-making, day-to-day work, and in the alignment of the organization to be experience-led. She is also deeply experienced and skilled in creating Experience Management business value and systematically changing organizations to align around experience and drive financial impact. She specializes in enabling brands with skills and competencies like design thinking, journey management, and value mapping to drive sustainable shifts in how organizations work to achieve results.