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Jorge Pena Marin

Assistant Professor
Department: Marketing
North Business Building
632 Bogue St Rm N345
East Lansing, MI 48824
Phone: (517) 432-6429
  • Biography
    Jorge Pena Marin is Assistant Professor in the Marketing Department at Michigan State University. He has taught Marketing Management at IESE Business School, Brand Management and Influence Strategies at the University of Cincinnati, and Principles of Marketing and Integrated Marketing Communications at the University of Texas at San Antonio. 

    Prof. Pena Marin researches how using numerical information (i.e., prices, attribute information) influences consumers' decisions in a wide array of domains, including negotiations, goal pursuit, financial decision-making or attribute weighting. Jorge's work has appeared in top marketing journals such as Journal of Consumer Research and Journal of Consumer Psychology. Jorge has also presented his research numerous times in conferences around the world.

    Among several honors, Prof. Pena Marin has been appointed to the Editorial Review Board of the Journal of Consumer Psychology. He was also an invited speaker at the premier branding conference in the US for practitioners Brandemonium.

    Before joining academia, Prof. Pena Marin worked for more than ten years in marketing management and business consultancy positions at companies such as TBWA, Mercedes-Benz, and Accenture.
  • Publications
    Pena-Marin, J., & Bhargave, R. (2021). Comparing estimates for decision-making: Numerical processing and preferences for underestimates versus overestimates. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied.
    Pena-Marin, Jorge, and Dengfeng Yan (2021), " Reliance on Numerical Precision: Compatibility between Accuracy versus Efficiency Goals and Numerical Precision Level Influence Attribute Weighting in Two-Stages Decisions," Journal of Consumer Psychology, 31 (1), 22-36
    Christophe Lembregts, and Jorge Pena-Marin (equal authorship) (2021), "Numbers and Units Affect Goal Pursuit Organization and Motivation," Journal of Consumer Psychology, 31 (1), 37-54
    Pena-Marin, Jorge, Rashmi Adaval and Liang Shen (2020), “Fear in the Stock Market: How COVID-19 Affects Preference for High- and Low-Priced Stocks,” Journal of the Association for Consumer Research, Eds: Kelly Goldsmith and Angela Y. Lee, Vol. 6, Issue 1
    Pena-Marin, Jorge, and Ruomeng Wu (2019), "Disconfirming Expectations: Incorrect Imprecise (vs. Precise) Estimates Increase Source Trustworthiness and Consumer Loyalty." Journal of Consumer Psychology, 29 (4), 623-641
    Yan, Dengfeng, and Jorge Pena-Marin (2017), "Round Off the Bargaining: The Effects of Offer Roundness on Willingness to Accept," Journal of Consumer Research, 44 (2), 381-395
    Pena-Marin, Jorge, and Rajesh Bhargave (2016), "Lasting performance: Round numbers activate associations of stability and increase perceived length of product benefits," Journal of Consumer Psychology, 26 (3), 410-416