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Sung Ham

Assistant Professor
Department: Marketing
North Business Building
632 Bogue St Rm N332
East Lansing, MI 48824
Phone: (517) 432-6427
  • Publications
    Ham, Sung. H., Chuan He and Dan Zhang (2022), "The Promise and Peril of Dynamic Targeted Pricing," International Journal of Research in Marketing, forthcoming. Equal Authorship.
    Ham, Sung H., Ingrid Koch, Noah Lim and Jiabin Wu (2021), “Conflict of Interest in Third-Party Reviews: An Experimental Study,” Management Science, 67 (12), 7291-7950. Equal Authorship.
    Bagchi, Rajesh, Sung H. Ham and Chuan He (2020), “Strategic Implications of Confirmation Bias Inducing Advertising,” Production and Operations Management, 29 (6), 1573-1596. Equal Authorship.
    Lim, Noah and Sung H. Ham (2014), “Relationship Organization and Price Delegation: An Experimental Study,” Management Science, 60 (3), 586-605. Equal Authorship.
    Chen, Hua, Sung H. Ham and Noah Lim (2011), “Designing Multiperson Tournaments with Asymmetric Contestants: An Experimental Study,” Management Science, 57 (5), 864-883. Equal Authorship.
    Lim, Noah, Michael J. Ahearne and Sung H. Ham (2009), “Designing Sales Contests: Does the Prize Structure Matter?” Journal of Marketing Research, 46 (3), 356-371.
  • Media Mentions