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Sung Ham

Assistant Professor
Department: Marketing
North Business Building
632 Bogue St Rm N332
East Lansing, MI 48824
Phone: (517) 432-6427
Curriculum Vitae
  • Publications
    Ham, Sung H., Ingrid Koch, Noah Lim and Jiabin Wu (2020), “Conflict of Interest in Third-Party Reviews: An Experimental Study,” Management Science, forthcoming. Equal Authorship.
    Bagchi, Rajesh, Sung H. Ham and Chuan He (2020), “Strategic Implications of Confirmation Bias Inducing Advertising,” Production and Operations Management, 29 (6), 1573-1596. Equal Authorship.
    Lim, Noah and Sung H. Ham (2014), “Relationship Organization and Price Delegation: An Experimental Study,” Management Science, 60 (3), 586-605. Equal Authorship.
    Chen, Hua, Sung H. Ham and Noah Lim (2011), “Designing Multiperson Tournaments with Asymmetric Contestants: An Experimental Study,” Management Science, 57 (5), 864-883. Equal Authorship.
    Lim, Noah, Michael J. Ahearne and Sung H. Ham (2009), “Designing Sales Contests: Does the Prize Structure Matter?” Journal of Marketing Research, 46 (3), 356-371.
  • Media Mentions