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Natalie Vandepol

Director of Learning Technology and Development
Department: Dean's Office
  • Biography
    My educational background is in biology, having received a BS in biology from Stanford University and a PhD in Microbiology & Molecular Genetics from MSU. While pursuing my doctorate degree, I found my true calling in instructional design. After completing my Ph.D., I worked for about two years in a postdoctoral role in MSU IT, supporting faculty with the massive shift to online instruction brought about by COVID. In addition to handling Help Desk service tickets, I coordinated, developed, and led virtual webinar trainings on both course design and technical orientation on the full range of MSU-supported instructional tools. In the spring of 2022, I joined the Learning Technology & Development team to collaborate and support Broad faculty & I'm so excited to be here!

    My personal interests include spoiling my two cats, collecting spices, cooking, eating, hiking, and rock climbing.
  • Education
    PhD Microbiology & Molecular Genetics 2020, Michigan State University
    B.S. Biology 2014, Stanford University
  • Publications
    Vandepol N., Liber J, Yocca A, Matlock J, Edger P, Bonito G (2022) Linnemannia elongata (Mortierellaceae) stimulates Arabidopsis thaliana aerial growth and responses to auxin, ethylene, and reactive oxygen species. PLoS ONE 17(4): e0261908.
    In collection
    Vandepol, N. (2020). Mortierellaceae Phylogenomics and Tripartite Plant-Fungal-Bacterial Symbiosis of Mortierella elongata. Michigan State University - Dissertation.
    Vandepol, N., Liber, J., Desirò, A., Na, H., Kennedy, M., Barry, K., ... & Bonito, G. (2020). Resolving the Mortierellaceae phylogeny through synthesis of multi-gene phylogenetics and phylogenomics. Fungal diversity, 104(1), 267-289.
    Du, Z. Y., Zienkiewicz, K., Vandepol, N., Ostrom, N. E., Benning, C., & Bonito, G. M. (2019). Algal-fungal symbiosis leads to photosynthetic mycelium. Elife, 8, e47815.
    In proceedings
    Hejase, H. A., Vandepol, N., Bonito, G. M., & Liu, K. J. (2018, October). Fastnet: fast and accurate statistical inference of phylogenetic networks using large-scale genomic sequence data. In RECOMB International conference on Comparative Genomics (pp. 242-259). Springer, Cham.
    In proceedings
    Hejase, H. A., Vandepol, N., Bonito, G. M., Edger, P. P., & Liu, K. J. (2017, August). Coal-Miner: a statistical method for GWA studies of quantitative traits with complex evolutionary origins. In Proceedings of the 8th ACM International Conference on Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, and Health Informatics (pp. 107-114).
    Gdanetz, K., Benucci, G. M. N., Vandepol, N., & Bonito, G. (2017). CONSTAX: a tool for improved taxonomic resolution of environmental fungal ITS sequences. BMC bioinformatics, 18(1), 1-9.
    Desirò, A., Rimington, W. R., Jacob, A., Vandepol, N., Smith, M. E., Trappe, J. M., ... & Bonito, G. (2017). Multigene phylogeny of Endogonales, an early diverging lineage of fungi associated with plants. IMA fungus, 8(2), 245-257.
    Uehling, J., Gryganskyi, A., Hameed, K., Tschaplinski, T., Misztal, P. K., Wu, S., Desirò, A., Vandepol, N., ... & Bonito, G. (2017). Comparative genomics of Mortierella elongata and its bacterial endosymbiont Mycoavidus cysteinexigens. Environmental microbiology, 19(8), 2964-2983.
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