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Upcoming Events

Wednesday Oct. 20
During this session of Business and Bagels, you will hear from Anjana Susarla, Ph.D., on the topic of Responsible Artificial Intelligence or AI. Fraught with bias, AI is used by most service providers and retailers to guide marketing and other business decisions that impact their internal organization as well as their clients. Businesses are struggling to... Read more »
Wednesday Jan. 19
Description Whether a firm simply survives or actively thrives often hinges on the managers’ understanding—and ideally mastering—organizational design. Organizational design seeks to create alignment between the organization and its operational strategy through a mix of formal and informal structures, processes, and rewards. While the principles of organizational design apply to all parts of the firm,... Read more »
Tuesday Sep. 20
About this event Do you know the impact of accountability? Accountability is not only an organizational requirement, but also a perceptual lens that can be used to observe and understand behavior in, and of, organizations. Join us to learn how accountability is positively related to political skill, core self-evaluations, an internal locus of control, conscientiousness,... Read more »
Wednesday Oct. 26
ABOUT THIS EVENT In normal times, maintaining long-term focus in the face of day-to-day challenges can be difficult. In recent years, the sea of changes we have experienced demand both crisis navigation and a rethinking of the long-term destination for your organization. With information technology redefining operations in almost every industry, managing the “business process”... Read more »
Wednesday Nov. 16
Having self-control has been noted as a highly desirable trait, as those with high self-control are more successful in their personal and professional lives. However, might there also be some downsides to being highly disciplined? In this Business and Bagels event, we explore the possibility that having high self-control may also have some interpersonal costs,... Read more »
Tuesday Jan. 17
There are many unique populations in businesses. This includes persons with disabilities and Veterans. They may bring many unique perspectives to your business and work. We can learn how to be resilient from Veterans and Persons with Disabilities. We can also help persons with disabilities and Veterans be healthier and happier via employment. With this... Read more »
Wednesday Feb. 22
Wednesday, February 22, 2023 | 8 – 9:15 a.m. ET Amidst the ‘great resignation’ and frequent labor shortages, businesses are increasingly challenged in staying competitive in product and service markets. Businesses that adopt High-Performance Work Systems can achieve a strategic advantage by enhancing employees’ contributions to product or service value addition. This online event will be focused... Read more »
Thursday Mar. 23
The widespread popularity of mindfulness is growing exponentially. However, what do we really know about how it can help us stay focused, resist distraction, and bounce back from mistakes? What is more – what is really meant by the term “mindfulness”? In this talk, Dr. Moser will review findings from our lab in the Neuroscience... Read more »
Tuesday Apr. 18
Because conflict is inevitable in teams, leading teams successfully requires the ability to manage and resolve conflict. However, not all conflicts are alike. Debating or arguing over ideas can improve those ideas and ensure that the best ideas are selected. But when people take criticism and disagreement personally, conflict can also derail team performance. This... Read more »
Wednesday May. 24
Although it is generally acknowledged that people are the single most important component of an organization’s success, leaders often struggle with how to best manage their workforce. This is particularly true when many leadership and management approaches are rooted in an “old school” leadership philosophy. In this interactive presentation, Eli Broad Professor of Management Dr.... Read more »
Thursday Jun. 8
Being the first in one’s family to attend a four-year college where neither parent graduated from college can have a lasting effect, both in college and after graduation. Coupled with the feeling of being an Imposter, like you really don’t belong, can also haunt us in the workplace. This session will examine what it means... Read more »