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Cheri  Speier-Pero

Cheri Speier-Pero

Interim Chairperson
Department: Supply Chain Management

Ernst & Young Professor in Accounting and Information Systems
Department: Accounting and Information Systems

Office: N370 Business College Complex

Telephone: 517-432-0800


Dr. Cheri Speier-Pero is a Professor of Information Systems at Michigan State University and currently serves as the faculty director of the MS in Business Analytics program. Her research interests include effective decision making in technology supported work environments, individual acceptance and use of technology, and the effective use of information technology to support supply chain relationships. Her work has appeared in journals such as MIS Quarterly, Decision Sciences, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, the Journal of Marketing and the Journal of Operations Management, among others. Dr. Speier-Pero was awarded the MSU University-wide Teacher Scholar award in 2001 recognizing her excellence in teaching and research. She earned a Ph.D. in Management Information Systems at Indiana University.

Influence of work environments on decision making; supporting the supply chain using information systems; individual acceptance and use of technology


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