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Build your career.

Today, you’ll find our alumni in important roles at some of the world’s most influential companies. Job placement success is rooted in the fact that Broad is renowned for producing thoughtful, dynamic and team-focused professionals. From the start of the program, Broad MBAs are supported as they shape their future professional careers.

Explore and plan your career path

It’s one of the main reasons you chose to pursue an MBA degree. Every student in the program takes an intensive course focusing on the key skills needed to sell yourself at national career fairs or in a one-on-one chat with a visiting employer.

First-year MBAs are assigned a second-year MBA coach to provide personalized feedback and advice, which complements a career management class. This includes resume and cover letter reviews, elevator pitch practice, mock interviews and sharing of insights from personal experiences.

You’ll have additional workshops available to develop skills in job negotiations and case-style interviewing.

And you’ll have your career mentor on call to help you diagnose your needs and walk with you through the process from company research to position acceptance.

Develop the skills to fulfill your career goals

You’ll start your time at Broad at “boot camp”—a half-day engagement in which you’ll meet with professionals from across the industry to get an idea of what their work lives look like and what it takes to succeed in their settings. You want a seat in the C-suite? Find out how to get there.

Learn about potential employers from across the industry at company presentations and drop-in hours. Hone your knowledge by attending industry panels and recruiter panels.

Polish your personal presentation skills with resume development workshops, H1B visa workshops, an etiquette dinner, a pitch and mock career fair and webinars. Alumni and corporate partners will be available for practice interviewing to provide expert feedback to improve your performance.

You’ll be prepped for MSU-hosted and national career fairs, And you’ll be ready to talk to the recruiters who visit campus throughout the year.

It is the mission of the Broad career management team to provide world-class career coaching and education to help you build a comprehensive strategy that bridges your career goals to your professional reality.

Employment Results Class of 2023

Timing of Job Acceptances

Total Seeking Employment% Accepted by 3 Months after Graduation
Perm Work Authorization3090%
Non-Perm Work Authorization2090%


  1. Only includes data for accepted jobs within three months of the student’s graduation date
  2. “Permanent Work Authorization” is defined as the student being a citizen or permanent resident of the country where attending school.

Base Salary

% ReportingMeanMedianLowHigh
Perm Work Authorization66.7%$110,500$117,500$50,000$150,000
Non-Perm Work Authorization44.4%$139,375$122,500$102,000$190,000

Signing Bonus

% ReportingMeanMedianLowHigh
Perm Work Authorization77.8%$20,714$15,000$5,000$55,000
Non-Perm Work Authorization87.5%$15,000$10,000$5,000$35,000
Group of Full-Time MBA students talking at a table

Base Salary by Professional Functions

MixMean Salary
General Management3.8%i/d
Human Resources11.5%$121,667
Supply Chain Management34.6%$111,978


Base Salary by Professional Functions MBA class of 2023


  1. i/d refers to instances with insufficient data. MBA Standard guidelines require a minimum of three data points for each category and that the number of data points is equal to or greater than one percent of full-time graduates seeking employment. Data points not meeting both requirements will still display the number of employed graduates, but will show i/d for all salary calculations.

Base Salary by Industry

MixMean Salary
Consumer Products7.7%i/d
Financial Services15.4%$115,000
Transportation and Logistics Services3.8%i/d
Pharmaceutical/Biotech/Healthcare Products3.8%i/d

Base Salary by Industry MBA class of 2023


  1. The following Industry values were excluded due to having no data points: Retail, Government, Hospitality, Media/Entertainment, Non-profit, Real Estate.
  2. i/d refers to instances with insufficient data. MBA Standard guidelines require a minimum of three data points for each category and that the number of data.

Base Salary by Geography

MixMean Salary
Total North America$117,958

Base Salary by Geography MBA class of 2023

Full-Time MBA student posed with a decorative backdrop of twisted columns made from plastic.

Success can be measured

Guided by the expertise of the renowned career management team at Broad, Michigan State University’s MBA program attracts Fortune 500 companies from across the globe. Below are just a select few companies that hired students from the Full-Time MBA program in 2022.