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Leverage experience and honor growth.

The Broad Full-Time and STEM MBA Program can help you apply your military experience to a civilian career, maximize your investment in yourself, and prepare you for future challenges through professional and personal development.

Program Opportunities and Support

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Broad MBA Veterans

The Broad MBA Veterans (BMBAV) organization is dedicated to Broad MBAs who are united by the common experience of serving the people of the United States through military service. The organization has three core constituencies: current students, alumni, and prospective students/applicants.


Members come from across the country and have been stationed across the world. Military backgrounds vary from artillery and infantry to linguistics and logistics, among others. Members have deployed in support of operations in Iraq and/or Afghanistan, and most have commanded troops in combat. Broad MBA veterans are committed to continuing their education and professional development while staying true to their values as veterans.

Why is the Broad MBA the perfect fit with a military background?


  • Military personnel thrive in high-stakes, team-oriented environments with tight deadlines, giving them
    the skills to excel in our collaborative MBA environment. Regardless of your military specialty, the skills
    veterans use daily are highly sought by corporate America. Our program provides veterans with a
    business foundation to connect with corporate recruiters to showcase their talents.


  • The Michigan State Broad College of Business is home to the #1 program in Supply Chain Management
    and Logistics and top-ranked Human Resources and Strategic Management concentration. Many veterans
    specialize in logistics, procurement, operations, administration, human resources, or other fields where
    there’s a clear equivalency in the civilian world. The Full-Time MBA provides a seamless transition to those
    professionals seeking civilian roles.


  •  MBA candidates with military experience have excellent leadership skills that they’ve gained throughout
    their time in service. These leadership skills will help students to thrive in the Michigan State MBA program
    as well as in their career search for an internship and post-MBA role. Additionally, through coursework
    in business communications and organizational behavior, veterans can also learn new approaches to
    leadership that will assist in transitioning to post-MBA career paths.


  • The Broad Full-Time MBA also has top placement rates in consulting roles. Many veteran MBAs
    choose to take their knowledge and skills to consulting companies after graduation. Broad MBAs can
    be found throughout leading consulting companies like Kearney, McKinsey, Ernst & Young, GEP, KPMG
    among others.

Students Available for Contact

As a military veteran interested in pursuing an MBA, we understand that there are many factors that influence your decision of where to attend business school. One critical factor in your search could be fit within a program’s culture. By contacting current students, you can get first-hand answers to your questions! These students were recently in your shoes and would be glad to discuss your options and their experiences at Broad.

Conner Gaskins headshot

Conner Gaskins

  • U.S. Marine Corps
    Class of 2025
Jordan Fu headshot

Jordan Fu

  • U.S. Army
    Class of 2025
Sawyer Jacobs headshot

Sawyer Jacobs

  • U.S. Marine Corps
    Class of 2025
Arun Chauhan headshot

Arun Chauhan

  • Indian Coast Guard
    Class of 2025

Financial Benefits

Application Fee Waiver

In recognition of your services, the Broad Full-Time and STEM MBA Program will waive your application fee.

Post 9/11 G.I. Bill® Chapter 33

Veterans eligible for Chapter 33 should review the MBA Ch. 33 guide before matriculating. Please contact for guidance.

Yellow Ribbon Program

Combined with your G.I. benefits, this program allows eligible veterans to earn their MBA effectively free of tuition.


For more information and other financial benefits, please visit our Military Background Admissions page.