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Students Available for Questions

Headshot of Marcus Harold

Marcus Harold

  • Supply Chain Management
    Class of 2019

I really like that Fortune 100 companies come to Broad to recruit, and the office of career management does a great job of making us aware of upcoming opportunities. There is a strong sense of collaboration around the entire program. It’s very competitive, but the emphasis on teamwork and collaboration makes going to classes fun and engaging. Finally, the alumni network from MSU is huge – if there is a company that you’re interested in, chances are there’s an MSU alum working at that company.

Headshot of Abhinav Iyer

Abhinav Iyer

  • Supply Chain Management, Product Management
    Class of 2019

The Broad MBA program has a strong focus on teamwork and leadership, which are core competencies for a business professional in today’s era. Furthermore, the program offers the opportunity to learn from distinguished faculty and fellow students in a small community, and provides access to a vast network of alumni at major corporations worldwide, culminating in a personalized and transformational learning experience.

Headshot of Kelly Huston

Kelly Huston

  • Human Resource Management, Hospitality Management
    Class of 2019

Broad is a huge teaming environment, small student body – great way to make close friends, Big Ten experience, and the bonus of a great hospitality reputation.

Headshot of Joe Drury

Joe Drury

  • Marketing
    Class of 2019

The Broad MBA is an exceptionally strong program while being able to offer an intimate experience; you will personally know all of your classmates as well as professors. Additionally, Broad’s MBA provides a balance of a boutique MBA program while being on one of the largest campuses in the United States, giving you the best of both worlds.

Headshot of Mitchell Owens

Mitchell Owens

  • Supply Chain Management, Finance
    Class of 2019

I really value the top-tier academics from industry-leading faculty combined with an incredibly collegial, cooperative community. Additionally, the incredibly dedicated career services center is an immense help.

Headshot of Fadi Francis

Fadi Francis

  • Marketing, Supply Chain Management
    Class of 2019

Broad has a top-tier education combined with a community feel. Group projects reflect real-world situations.

Headshot of Claire Battafarano

Claire Battafarano

  • Human Resource Management
    Class of 2019

I absolutely love the camaraderie of the program and the group-based work we do. Everyone – students, professors and MBA staff – is motivated to help you in your journey, whether it be a difficult assignment, interview preparation or networking opportunities. I considered many other MBA programs, but MSU was the only one that felt like home.

Headshot of Maria Haugen

Maria Haugen

  • Supply Chain Management
    Class of 2019

The people/classmates stand out. There are so many talented people from different backgrounds to learn from. I think around 30 percent of my education is coming from my peers. They are my biggest asset, and I’m looking forward to being with them for the remainder of the two years here.

Headshot of Dennis Klein

Dennis Klein

  • Marketing
    Class of 2019

The Broad MBA offers a place to receive a phenomenal education while being surrounded by amazing people that truly care about one another’s success.

Headshot of Liz Schoenwitz

Liz Shoenwitz

  • Marketing
    Class of 2019

I like the small class sizes that Broad offers, as well as the help you receive from the professors and other students. I thought I would struggle with the coursework given my nontraditional background, but I have received enough guidance and assistance to feel confident with the material.

Headshot of Chris Winter

Chris Winter

  • Consulting
    Class of 2019

I like the sense of camaraderie between MBA students, the small class sizes, and the values of Michigan State University.

Headshot of Tony Felder

Tony Felder

  • Human Resource Management, Strategic Management
    Class of 2020

I really enjoy the connectivity this program offers: whether it is a classmate I see every day of the week or my ability to walk up to a second-year student and engage in a meaningful conversation without feeling like I’m bothering someone, to the open access to faculty, staff and even the dean of the school.

Headshot of Elisabeth Dion

Elisabeth Dion

  • Supply Chain Management, Finance
    Class of 2020

I love that we get all the benefits of a huge school while still having small classes and a cohort where you can get to know all of your classmates. The draw of a Big Ten school attracts world-class faculty, and the small class sizes allow us to actually take advantage of their expertise! The vibe truly is one of cooperation and collaboration.

Headshot of Patrick Schuiteman

Patrick Schuiteman

  • Supply Chain Management, Finance
    Class of 2020

Broad is a highly ranked MBA program that manages to maintain an environment that is both collaborative and supportive. Everyone involved with the program is more than willing to help, whether it be with academics or career advice. This goes for my classmates, the faculty and staff, and the alums.

Headshot of Karthik Holla

Karthik Holla

  • Supply Chain Management
    Class of 2020

The MBA program is a closely knit community, with emphasis on collaboration and teamwork. The supply chain management department has academic might.

Headshot of Bolor-Erdene Erdenechuluun

Bolor-Erdene Erdenechuluun

  • Finance
    Class of 2020

The full package that I am receiving from the MSU MBA program is not only academic achievements, but rather a combination of career management opportunities, personal and team developments, professional advancements and alumni network. The classes are based on both conceptual learning and case simulations that stimulate to apply what you have learned from lectures and textbooks into a practical environment.

Headshot of Gerry Griffith

Gerry Griffith

  • JD/MBA Finance – Legal
    Class of 2020

The personal connection with faculty and the camaraderie between students is truly remarkable. Although the program is highly competitive, beginning with orientation, I have felt as if I am part of an MBA family that is fully vested in my professional success. Broad offers an all-inclusive experience, from the remarkable companies that recruit at the school to the wealth of knowledge in the faculty to the wide range of speakers that provide insight into their industries.

Headshot of Christian Opacich

Christian Opacich

  • Marketing
    Class of 2020

Aside from the exceptional education offered, I value the openly collaborative atmosphere that gives the program a fantastic sense of community among students and professors.

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