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Do you have a quick question you would like to ask a current student? MBA students are available to answer generic program- or concentration-related questions. Feel free to ask a student about:

  • Culture at Broad
  • Class structure and the Full-Time MBA curriculum
  • Experiences in the program
  • Internships
  • Teams
  • Events at Broad

We advise you to contact students who have a similar post-MBA targeted functional area. Note that students are not able to answer questions dealing with specific financial aid and loans, and/or application-related cases.

Students Available for Questions

Danielle Chatman Moore Headshot Class of 2021

Danielle Chatman-Moore

  • Supply Chain Management, Business Analytics
    Class of 2021

In my current role I felt ready to add a greater level of value and I craved opportunity to have access to create change on a larger more impactful scale. During my business school search, I attended two events before committing and MSU sold itself. The connectedness I felt from 2nd year MBAs and even the admissions staff was genuine. I’d found something rare. The Broad MBA has been instrumental in amplifying my talents and experiences so that I am an extremely marketable and valuable candidate.

Katherine Klein Headshot Class of 2021

Katherine Klein

  • Marketing
    Class of 2021

When I decided to pursue my MBA I knew that not only did I want a top-tier education program, but I also wanted to expand my network.  After visiting Broad and witnessing the small class sizes, interactions with faculty members and bond between students I knew this program would fulfill my needs.

Ishwardeep Kohli Headshot Class of 2021

Ishwardeep Kohli

  • Human Resource Management
    Class of 2021

My favorite aspect of the Broad MBA by far has been the intense level of collaboration expected in the program. Working on cases, assignments, events, and competitions together from day one helps you learn to deal with the ups and downs that come with working in a team. It helps develop a skillset critical to survival in today’s dynamic business world.

Nicholas Lochner Headshot Class of 2021

Nicholas Lochner

  • Finance
    Class of 2021

I chose the Broad MBA as I felt small class size would lend itself to a collaborative and tight-knit educational and social community. That has certainly been true as I knew every one of my classmates by name within the first few weeks of arriving on campus. I also felt that the family environment often espoused as a core value by the Broad College was genuine based on the many interactions I had with staff and faculty throughout the application process. Our Broad full time MBA community has proven to thrive on people caring for and helping out fellow Spartans during and after their time in the program, and I couldn’t be more satisfied with my decision!

Abigail Swanson headshot

Abigail Swanson

  • JD/MBA Human Resource Management
    Class of 2021

After attending Michigan State College of Law, I had learned to love and appreciate Michigan State’s dedication to its students. I knew that Broad would be no exception. After attending a potential student day, I witnessed the care that Broad faculty and staff give each and every student (whether potential, admitted, current, or previous student). It is this type of diligence and care that helped me choose to obtain my MBA from Broad.

Frank Martinez Headshot Class of 2021

Frank Martinez

  • Supply Chain Management
    Class of 2021

Before leaving the Air Force, I started looking for a program that would leverage my professional experience and provide me with the tools to succeed in the private sector. Broad’s MBA checked all the boxes—recognized SCM program, culture, class size, curriculum structure, and target industry representation. However, the final deciding factor was the depth of individualized attention I received before coming into the program, and it’s no different today. At Broad, I didn’t feel like just an applicant. They understood well who I was and why they wanted me in the program.

Blake Robinson Headshot Class of 2021

Blake Robinson

  • Marketing
    Class of 2021

My favorite aspect of Broad has been the people. Having the privilege to attend Michigan State for my undergrad, I was already familiar with how welcoming the Spartan community is and I wanted that experience again for business school.

Deepal Chhabra Headshot Class of 2021

Deepal Singh Chhabra

  • Supply Chain Management, Finance
    Class of 2021

Known as a world leader in its supply chain education, Broad was a no-brainer when I decided to pursue my MBA in Supply Chain and Finance. Well-crafted curriculum and an environment that fosters teamwork, entrepreneurship and leadership were the highlights of the program for me. With such a close-knit alumni network, exceptional faculty and transformational team experiences, I feel empowered to navigate through any business challenge and drive change.

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