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What it’s like to be a Broad MBA … in their own words.

The MBA student blog is filled with experiences documented by students in the Broad Full-Time MBA program at Michigan State. Here, MBAs reflect on their successes, challenges, opportunities and growth while venturing through the program together.

Spartan Statue with a blue sky in the background.
Full-Time MBA student Jordan George writes about how he’s pursuing law and business as a Spartan.
Close-up of woman's hand on desk, she is wearing military outfit
In this Q&A, hear from five current MBA student veterans on what their military background has taught them.
Warehouse worker carrying boxes
In this Q&A, associate professor Adrian Choo shares supply chain insights with Full-Time MBA student Olivia English.
Closeup shot of two businesspeople shaking hands in an office
Full-Time MBA student Christopher Millen outlines his career path and what led him to become a Broad Spartan.
rainbow flag waving on the blue sky
In this Q&A, hear from student fellows of Reaching Out MBA and one staff member on what this month means to them.
MSU Spartan Helmet logo Hispanic Heritage Month September 15-October 15
In this Q&A, hear from four Full-Time MBA students and one staff member on what being Hispanic/Latinx means to them.
Tree canopy overhead from a pathway on campus.
See how students are making a lasting, positive impact for business through dynamic internship experiences.
MBA student Ajinkya Virulkar details the study-abroad immersion he shared with classmates in Barcelona and Madrid.
MBA student Fiona Kristo writes about how her immersive experience in Spain broadened her perspective.
MBA student Derek Hill captures highlights from four stops on the recent trek.
Andy Whitaker is honored by Poets&Quants as one of 100 successful and involved graduates nationwide.
Second-year MBA student Satwik Beernelly recounts his meaningful spring break experience.
Broad’s Full-Time MBA students continue to represent the college well with creative and outstanding work.
Full-Time MBA students in the Henry Center for Extreme Green 2022
In this design thinking experience, students envision the future of work for the eastern Michigan furniture dealer.
Jose Naime writes about leaving his comfort zone to delve into the world of finance at the Broad College.
MBA student Satwik Beernelly recounts a recent event featuring a prominent faculty member and topics of finance.
Jordan Marks writes about how the Full-Time MBA program and his role as a peer coach have shaped him as a leader.
MBA student Neha Aggarwal shares the breadth and depth of the Russell Palmer Career Management Center’s services.
Man with an audit paper and an interview on his computer laptop
Abigaile Wu compiles the top components that stand out to Broad MBA admissions officers in applications and interviews.
Leaders and alumni from Microsoft, Google, Meta and Gopuff met virtually with students to showcase careers in tech.
Through this student resource group, MBA student Pei-Chi Chen has shared her culture and learned about her peers.
Rohit Singh writes about how his time at MSU has helped him foster a deep interest in finance.
Adam Hayes highlights how mentoring and resources at the Broad College have set him up for success.
International student Dilavar Goyal shares his experience becoming a Broad Spartan in the Full-Time MBA program.
Jack Hoag outlines his involvement with this graduate student organization and how it has impacted his own path.
Allison Bancroft provides highlights from the Broad MBA Finance Association's recent alumni panel event.
Carly Maleki recounts her team's top finish at the 2021 Katz Invitational Case Competition.
For two years, MSU undergrad and MBA students were victorious at the national Raytheon Technologies Case Competition.
Spartan Gift Guide feature
Our handy gift guide will help you shop local and find the right gift from MSU alumni and student entrepreneurs.
Kimberly Rodriguez is determined to thrive as a leader in HR and a role model for future Broad Spartans.
See how students are making business happen through exciting internship experiences.
MSU Graduation Hat and tassel
In a victory for MSU, every student from the Full-Time MBA Class of 2021 secured employment before or upon graduation.

Broad Full-Time MBA Podcast

Hear more from our current students, alumni, faculty and partners by checking out our podcast, Spartan Stories: The Broad MBA Perspective.


Recap with the Class of 2020 Part 2

In part two of our recap with the Class of 2020, we catch up with three of our alumnae. We talk about their experience going into the workforce impacted by the onset of COVID and discuss the hot topic of DEI in this time of uncertainty.


Recap with the Class of 2020

In part one of our recap with the Class of 2020, we catch up with three of our alumni. We begin with talking about their experiences going into the workforce impacted by the onset of COVID and discuss the hot topic of DEI in this time of uncertainty.

Everything you need to know about the GMAC and the GMAT Exam

On this episode, we take a dive into everything the Graduate Management Admission Council has to offer – from researching if an MBA is right for you all the way to applying to MBA programs. We sit down with Ramnik Aulakh, the Marketing Development Manager, to discuss and how you can research schools, employers, career opportunities and best utilize GMAC’s free resources to get the most out of your MBA journey.

From Being Kicked out to Hired

On this episode, we sit down with first-year MBA, Muhammad Khan, as we discuss how our first semester of MBA went, his interesting story of recovering from being kicked out of undergrad to being hired at conglomerate Honeywell, and what he plans to do with an MBA.

Working for the Biggest Company You’ve Never Heard Of

On this episode, we sit down with three-time Spartan Arica Drummond-Clay as we discuss the hot topic of DEI and how to make the most out of the internship experience.

A Talk About DEI with the VP of People Experience at Twitter

On this episode, we sit down with two-time Spartan and MBA alum Dalana Brand, as we discuss her path to Twitter, how she is heading DEI initiatives for the company’s future outlook and what DEI means for companies in the future.

A Double Spartan’s Marketing Journey at Broad

On this episode, we sit down with recent grad and former MBA Marketing Association President, Brad Sauchak, as we discuss what brought him back to MSU for his MBA and how he secured a role with SC Johnson for after graduation.

From Educator to MBA Student

On this episode, we sit down with first-year MBA and newly elected Black MBAA President, Marques Moore about his transition from educator to MBA student, as well as what we can expect from the Black MBAA next year.

From Los Angeles to East Lansing

On this episode, we sit down with second-year MBA and President of the Broad Women MBA Association, Erica Rochana, as we discuss what drew her to Broad from the west coast and what her experience has been like in B-school.

Finance at the Fed

On this episode, we chat with second-year student Mike Rose as we talk about his Pre-MBA journey, why he chose Broad as a finance concentration, as well as his internship experience with the Federal Reserve.

A Word With an Alum

On this episode of Spartan Stories, we sit down with 2020 Broad MBA alum Jamari Brooks as we reflect on his time in the program and how that set him up for success post-program.

Don’t Be Afraid to Use Linkedin: Tips from the MBAA VP of Alumni Relations

On this episode of Spartan Stories, we sit down with second-year MBA Varun Garla and discuss his background, internship experience in the tech sector, and the importance of networking while in an MBA program.

A Conversation with the MBAA President

On this episode we sit down with MBA Association President Danielle Chatman-Moore as she discusses why she chose Broad, her responsibilities as president as well as her internship experience at Dow Chemical Company.

Juggling Law School and Business School

On this episode, we speak with 2nd-year JD/MBA Abigail Swanson as she explains her journey to Michigan State with the original goal of studying law, but ended up pivoting to the MBA program at Broad.

Advice from a Consultant

On this episode of Spartan Stories, we sit down with second-year MBA Karthik Rai as he details his time at Broad, his internship, and how he used both to secure a post-MBA position in management consulting.

A Former Coach’s Journey to Broad

On this episode of Spartan Stories, we sit down with 1st-year MBA Andy Whitaker as he tells his story of how he matriculated to Broad from an untraditional background.

From the Military to Business School

On the first episode of Spartan Stories, we sit down with 2nd year MBA Frank Martinez as he details his journey from the military to Broad MBA student.









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