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Reflections on Broad 2024 supply chain treks

By Pratyusha Malhotra, MBA Class of 2024
Wednesday, May 29, 2024
Photo of Pratyusha Malhotra

Pratyusha Malhotra, MBA ’24

The MBA Graduate Supply Chain Management Association at the Broad College of Business hosts many events throughout the year focusing on both professional career development and academic learning. This year, GSCMA members had the opportunity to participate in two in-person treks: an Amazon facility tour and a Capital Region International Airport and UPS Lansing airport cargo facility tour. The goal of these treks is to provide industry exposure and experiential learning opportunities for participants.

Amazon fulfillment center tour

GSCMA members had the opportunity to experience the world’s leading e-commerce giant through the Amazon Fulfillment Center Tour. The tour provided an in-depth understanding of Amazon’s intricate operations that power the seamless delivery of millions of packages daily. The automation of the site showcases the synergy between cutting-edge technology and human expertise. It was amazing to watch the robots and human employees working in harmony to pick, pack and ship orders with remarkable efficiency. Our guides for the day had immense knowledge and patiently answered all questions as they explained the layout and interdepartmental workings and shared success stories. This tour was a great experience for members looking to find careers in operations management or just expand their understanding of supply chain. A big shoutout to Broad MBA alumna Louise DuRussel for giving us this opportunity and organizing the tour for us!

“Embarking on the GSCMA’s Amazon fulfillment center tour was an eye-opening journey into the heart of supply chain operations,” Arpan Bharadwaj (MBA ’25) said. “From the dynamic layout to the precision of mobile-robotic systems, every detail painted a picture of unparalleled efficiency and innovation.”

Capital Region International Airport and UPS Lansing airport cargo facility tour

The objective of the Lansing airport tour was to get a glimpse into the transportation and logistics side of supply chain right from our backyard in Lansing. The Capital Region International Airport (LAN) stands as a vital transportation hub, seamlessly connecting Michigan’s capital, Lansing, to the world. The tour kicked off with a great opening and presentation by the CEO, giving participants insights on state-of-the-art amenities, modern facilities and a commitment to passenger convenience. The next leg of the tour was the UPS Lansing cargo facility at the airport. We were joined by the wonderful UPS team, who gave us a rundown of the cutting-edge technology and a highly efficient operational model facilitating the rapid movement of packages and freight to destinations near and far. We got to see the cargo carrier planes and how they are modeled to take the cargo and got a peek at the cargo flight operations. It was an up-close experience for our members to learn how logistics is fueling trade. We are grateful to our adviser, Elizabeth Fisher, for making this remarkable trek come true.

“The LAN airport/UPS facility trek was really well planned and went smoothly,” Christine Corsi (MBA ’25) said. “It was fascinating hearing from the CEO of the Lansing airport and learning about some of the factors they consider when initiating projects and expanding their current services. It was interesting seeing the UPS facility and learning about the logistics of receiving and sending shipments throughout northern and western Michigan. It was impressive to learn about the steps that every package we ship has to go through to make it to its final destination.”

It has been a great honor to be able serve as the president of the GSCMA executive board, along with amazing fellow board members Bibhuti Mishra, Vinaya Kumar Gundarapu and Arun Chauhan. We look forward to having more enriching experiences and keep learning the intricacies of supply chain.


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