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Tech Trek: 11 Broad Full-Time MBA students get to know tech companies 
Broad MBA students gain insight into technology careers during this winter break program.
An MBA’s internship search story  
Danielle Chatman-Moore (MBA '21) describes her experience of securing the right internship.
Joining the Broad family 
Teressa Conlan (MBA '21) shares gratitude for her choice to pursue a Full-Time MBA at Michigan State.
Diversity is at Broad’s core 
Chelsi Riordan (MBA '21) says her favorite part of the Broad MBA is the program's strength in diversity.
Broad MBA design thinking workshop in Austin, Texas 
Christian Opacich (MBA ’20) shares his takeaways from an MBA hands-on learning experience last month.
Broad MBA: Creating the leaders of tomorrow 
Lexi Lear (MBA '20) serves as a presentation coach, guiding first-year students and growing her leadership skills.
An international journey to the Broad Full-Time MBA  
Sanchit Jain (MBA '20) shares his journey from India to MSU, pursuing the Broad Full-Time MBA program.
Bridging cultures and building lifelong friendships at Broad  
One of the most valuable aspects of the MBA experience at Broad is the diversity of the people who make up the program.
How three Broad MBAs landed their dream internships  
Gaining work experience at Tesla, Facebook and Intel gives Broad students once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.
MSU MBA international business and global learning in Ireland 
It was rewarding to immerse ourselves in Irish culture while learning business nuances distinct from the U.S.
MBA Tech Trek 2018: A firsthand look at innovation and startups in the Bay Area 
Having the opportunity to travel to the Bay Area on our program’s Tech Trek over break went beyond expectations.
Supply Chain MBAs Trek to Meijer Distribution Center 
Meijer actually increases shipping during harsh weather due to the stock-up effect conditions have on consumption
The first few months as an MBA 
Back in October 2016, I started reading blogs written by current MBA students...
Securing an Internship 
We’ve only been taking classes for a month, but Broad has done well to prepare us for success in that short time...
First Year Reflection 
When I think back to one year ago around this same time, I was still contemplating whether or not I would accept...
Leadership Opportunities at Broad’s Full-Time MBA Program 
To be a good leader, you must be a good follower. I served for eight years as an officer in the U.S. Army...
Study Abroad at MSU Broad 
The study abroad experience ... was one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life...
MBA '20 MBA Service Project – A most meaningful experience 
As a first year MBA student, you will find yourself limited on time.
How Far I’ve Come and Where I Plan on Going 
Having completed the first quarter of my MBA education ... now would be a great time to reflect on how far i've come...
What I learned after the 1st Semester 
I find it is fitting to look back on my first semester at Michigan State University...
Fall as a 1st Year MBA 
Michigan State University has a beautiful campus, but in particular, the fall is spectacular...
Being Creative in an MBA Program 
I thought creativity would be limited to just the classrooms and projects I would be assigned. I was wrong...