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Reflection on an MBA internship at Chevron

By Bibhuti Mishra, MBA Class of 2024
Friday, November 10, 2023

Bibhuti Mishra reflects on his professional growth and the insights that he gained at his procurement and supply chain internship at Chevron.

Bibhuti Mishra headshot

Bibhuti Mishra, MBA ’24

Summer internships are an invaluable opportunity for students to gain real-world experience and apply the knowledge they have gained in a professional setting. I was given the opportunity to intern at Chevron Corporation in Houston, Texas, in procurement and supply chain. Chevron did not shy away from providing interns with real-world challenges. This approach was instrumental in sharpening my problem-solving skills. It was a privilege to work on projects that were not just theoretical but had a tangible impact on the company’s operations. One of the most exciting aspects of my Chevron internship was the leadership experience I gained. I was given the opportunity to work with multiple stakeholders, whether they were the geographic business units or the functional stakeholders.

This internship not only provided me with a unique insight into the oil, gas and energy industry but also offered me exceptional support and guidance, making it a great learning experience. The recruiting team played a crucial role during the process as they made me feel like one of their own, and I could feel their unwavering support throughout the recruiting process and in the summer. The Michigan State–Chevron bond was evident and heartening to see.

My internship at Chevron began with a warm welcome from the team. The company’s commitment to fostering a culture of inclusivity was evident from day one. I was introduced to my manager and team lead, both seasoned professionals in the industry, who also played a pivotal role in my learning journey. The mentorship program was designed to ensure that I could reach out whenever I needed guidance or had questions. This support system was crucial in making me feel like a valued member of the team.

“It was a privilege to work on projects that were not just theoretical but had a tangible impact on the company’s operations.”

Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of my internship was the support and guidance I received throughout the summer. The people at Chevron were always willing to share their knowledge and experiences, making the learning process seamless. They took the time to explain complex concepts, answer my questions and provide constructive feedback on my work. My manager and team lead helped me set clear goals and provided regular feedback to help me achieve them. Their guidance and insights were instrumental in shaping my understanding of the oil, gas and energy industry and helped me excel in my responsibilities. The supportive environment made it easier to tackle these challenges. I could rely on my colleagues and other team members for assistance when needed. This collaborative approach fostered a sense of camaraderie within the company.

My summer internship at Chevron Corporation was indeed a great learning experience. The support, guidance and exposure to real-world challenges were instrumental in my professional development. I gained valuable insights into the oil, gas and energy industry and honed my skills, preparing me for future career opportunities.

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