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The Top Ranked MBA Program in Supply Chain Management

To manage supply chains well means to develop expertise that crosses the areas of procurement, logistics and operations—because in the real world, there are no simple boundaries separating them. The Broad Supply Chain MBA program integrates the study of these areas into a global framework. Nationally and internationally renowned faculty teach the innovative curriculum in small class settings where interaction is encouraged and expected.

Broad’s MBA in supply chain management is one of the best in the world—recognized by U.S. News & World Report as the number 1 program. Using leading-edge academics and real-world learning, Broad pioneered the development of the field years ago and is still working to redefine the future of global supply chain management.

If you concentrate in supply chain management, you can expect to be required to think analytically and strategically about real-world business cases and situations. You will learn about supplier relations and network design. You will practice with tools used in the field, in the IBM Supply Chain Lab and elsewhere. You will study cases covering sustainability and encounter concrete reasons companies may wish to be lean and green.

There’s no limit to what Broad MBA graduates are capable of doing. See where the supply chain management concentration can take you.

Key Placement Areas



Leadership Development Programs

Demand/Supply Planning

SCM Consulting


SCM MBA Concentration Courses

The supply chain management MBA curriculum at Broad has earned top rankings and a worldwide reputation for the recognition that both traditional and digital commerce require effective and efficient product production and fulfillment.

Supply Chain Management Concentration Required Courses:

Supply Chain Management Elective Courses:

Opportunities for Supply Chain Management MBAs

Graduate Supply Chain Management Association (GSCMA)

Join the MBA student-led organization that offers opportunities for collaboration and networking, researching careers and access to supply chain management resources. The GSCMA strives to enhance the supply chain education and career opportunities for Broad MBA students by complementing the class experience through student exposure to leading industry opportunities, practices, and people.

Social Impact Projects

Volunteer for social impact projects, such as assisting the Habitat for Humanity ReStore with a revamp of operations.

Access to Supply Chain Technologies

The IBM On-Demand Supply Chain Lab employs the latest technology, software and statistical tools to help students study, simulate and test the key relationships in an end-to-end supply chain, focusing on the dynamic flow of information and the resulting interdependencies among elements in the chain.

Case Study Competitions

Test your mettle at case study competitions such as the Neeley School Supply Chain Case Competition at TCU.

Student Treks

Participate in student treks, such as to Amway, Founders Brewery and Amazon.