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D. Harrison  McKnight

D. Harrison (Harrison) McKnight

Department: Accounting and Information Systems

Office: N253 North Business Complex

Telephone: 517-432-2929


Harrison McKnight obtained a Ph.D. in Management Information Systems (MIS) from the University of Minnesota in 1997. After a four year stint at Florida State University, he joined Michigan State University in 2001. He primarily conducts behavioral field research, focusing on trust in technology, Sharing Economy trust, initial trust, trust building, trust change over time, trust repair, Expectation Disconfirmation Theory, and technical employee retention.

Harrison has served as an Associate Editor for both MIS Quarterly, Information & Management, and the Journal of Trust Research. Some of his work has been published in MIS Quarterly, the Academy of Management Review, Information Systems Research, Journal of the Association for Information Systems, Journal of Management Information Systems, IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, and Journal of Strategic Information Systems.

Initial trust, trust-building, trust change, trust in technology, Sharing Economy trust, trust repair, and employee retention. Social behavioral/psychology research is the underlying theory behind most of my studies. Specifically, I study: 
* trust in specific technologies (e.g., Google driverless car, Apple Siri, Ford SYNC, and Facebook);
* trust levers for the Sharing Economy; 
* initial trust; 
* trust repair after a major trust collapse;
* how trust changes over time, using cognitive attitude change models;
* trust-building within e-commerce and social networking settings;
* institution-based trust;
* trust in advice websites;
* the effects of trust, risk, and distrust;
* Expectation Disconfirmation Theory (EDT)
* the humanness of technology;
* social networking privacy behaviors; and
* the retention and motivation of technical professionals.

My research uses such analytical tools as structural equation modeling (SEM), hierarchical linear modeling (HLM), polynomial modelling, and cluster analysis. Much of our past research has used survey methodologies or combined survey and experimental methods. I have also collected qualitative data and used interview techniques.

  • Best Paper Award: American Accounting Association (AAA) 2013 Mid-Year Meeting Best Paper Award
  • Journal Reviewer of the Year: 2009 Reviewer of the Year for MIS Quarterly
  • Research Award: Researcher of the Year Award, Accounting & Information Systems Department, MSU, 2007
  • Best Paper Award: Best paper, International Conference on Electronic Commerce, 2006
  • Broad Integrated Fellows: With other team members, interviewed executives at Amazon Marketplace. Helped create an integrated business case for educational use.
  • High Citations Award: Paper noted for high citations in Economics and Business--Thomson ISI, 2005.


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  • Lankton, N. L., McKnight, D. H. & Tripp, J. (2015). Technology, Humanness, and Trust: Rethinking Trust-in-Technology.  Journal of the Association for Information Systems. 16(10), 880-918.
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  • Lankton, N. K., McKnight, D. H., Wright, R., & Thatcher, J. B.  & 2016. Using Expectation Disconfirmation Theory and Polynomial Modeling to Understand Trust-in-Technology. Information Systems Research. 27(1), 197-213.


  • Dimitrakos, T., Moona, R., Patel, D. and McKnight, D. H. (Eds.) 2012. Trust Management VI, 6th IFIP WG 11.11 International Conference, IFIPTM 2012, Surat, India, May 21-25, 2012, Proceedings. Heidelberg: Springer.

In Proceedings:

  • McKnight, D. H. & Choudhury, V. (2006 August). Distrust and Trust in B2C E-Commerce: Do They Differ?. Proceedings of the Eighth International Conference on Electronic Commerce (pp. 482-491). Fredericton, New Brunswick: Association for Computing Machinery.
  • ACC 824: Governance and Control of Enterprise Systems
  • ITM 311: Systems Analysis & Design
  • ITM 914: Behavioral Aspects of Information Systems
  • IT Minor Coordinator: Coordinate faculty efforts to improve and promote the IT Minor at Michigan State University.
  • Co-Director, Business Information Systems PhD Program, Michigan State University: Administer the PhD program for the Information Systems students at MSU.

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