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Admission Criteria

Admission to the program is competitive and is based on the applicant’s overall record. Meeting the minimum standards does not guarantee admission. Although all of the minimum standards must be normally met, the applicant’s overall record is considered when making admission decisions.

The program accepts qualified applicants whose undergraduate degree is not in business or finance.

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Academic credentials

The minimum standards for admission to the program are:

  • A bachelor’s degree from a recognized educational institution.
  • A cumulative grade-point average of at least 3.0 from all institutions attended.
  • Completion of the following prerequisite courses (or their equivalents at MSU or at another institution):
    • An introduction to accounting (ACC 230 at MSU)
    • Probability and statistics (STT 200)

Standardized tests (GRE or GMAT)

  • The program accepts either the GMAT or GRE exam, with a minimum GMAT score of 600 (school code: QHO-5P-32), or a minimum GRE score of 310 verbal and quantitative (school code: 1465).
  • Current Michigan State University undergraduate students with good academic status are eligible to waive the GMAT/GRE.
  • The GMAT/GRE score must not be more than five (5) years old.
  • Students with qualifying credentials may be able to waive the GMAT/GRE requirement. Applicants should consult with the Program Director to see if they are eligible for the waiver.


  • Three essays are required of applicants: two written essays and a video essay.
    • Written essays must address educational and professional goals and must be 350 – 750 words each.
    • The video essays provides prospective students the opportunity to demonstrate in their own words who they are as applicants. The video is an interactive way to complete an essay in a relatively short period of time (two minutes).

Letters of recommendation

  • Two letters of recommendation are required. One letter must be from a faculty member in your major.
  • Applicants will be required to provide complete contact information for those who have written the letters.


  • Applicants will be required to submit a resume. The resume should detail:
    • Academic credentials and accomplishments including scholastic awards and any research or publications.
    • Work experience (full-time, part-time and internships).
    • Leadership experience.
    • Community Service.
    • Extracurricular activities.
    • Honors and awards.
    • Youth development or mentoring.
    • Global experiences and study abroad if applicable.


  • The online application requires scanned transcripts and degree certificates. Please note that the applications will be handled through secure online channels, ensuring that the privacy of the information is fully maintained.
  • Students recommended for admission will be required to submit original or certified transcripts and degree certificates.

Application Deadlines

Applications for admission may be submitted at any time; however, deadlines for complete applications are as follows:

  • First round deadline: February 1. Decision will be communicated by February 21.
  • Second round deadline: March 15. Decision will be communicated by March 30.

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