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COVID-19 Updates

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A student presents a research poster
Three student-led projects secured first place and faculty member Erkan Kocas was honored for his role as a mentor.
Recent findings from supply chain expert Stanley Lim reveal a retail replenishment system that benefits both parties.
Hospital workers wearing face masks walking down a hallway.
Our faculty are working to advance health care management, address business issues in the industry and protect patients.
The Responsible Artificial Intelligence Institute named Anjana Susarla its 2021 Academic Leader for her key efforts.
Computer stations inside the Broad Behavioral Lab
The space is dedicated to use by Broad faculty and doctoral students who are studying human interaction and business.
Hospitality business juniors Live Cannella and Miquela Ochoa were recognized for their work centered on DEI.
Businessmen sitting at conference table discussing business, wearing protective face mask due to COVID-19 pandemic
New MSU research says CEOs who appear narcissistic during a crisis could be setting their organizations up for failure.
Rearview shot of a surgeon walking down a hospital corridor
In comparison, when hospitals negotiate prices with insurance companies, they may not be aligned with affordability.
restaurant table
Research from associate professor Lu Zhang shows how a restaurant’s physical space can impact consumer experience.
Stock exchange market display screen
The latest work from Dmitriy Muravyev, associate professor of finance, shows profits tied with European market opening.
Five people wearing masks sitting around a table having a meeting
Management professor Quinetta Roberson will lead a team to study the value of diversity in corporate governance.
Cloes-up of brown glass bottle filling at production line.
Professor Anjana Susarla wrote for The Conversation on how social media companies can curb medical misinformation.
Waitress disinfecting tables wearing face mask and gloves.
As COVID-19 cases decline and vaccinations expand, restaurants should keep safety top of mind.
African American woman doctor working at her office doing telemedicine.
New research from MSU makes the case for empowering patients through hospitable virtual health care.
Logotype collection of some of most famous brands in the world.
New marketing research from MSU is the first to offer practical recommendations for global retailers.
Anand Nair, professor, writes about pandemic-triggered awareness of health care supply waste and where change is needed.
Young woman using smart phone with engagements and reaction icons.
To better police misinformation, Anjana Susarla, professor, shares three ways social media companies can take action.
Broad research not only illuminates how these values are the right thing to do but also how they boost the bottom line.
Stock market business graph chart on digital screen
In this Q&A, Ryan Israelsen, assistant professor of finance, outlines how cross-learning leads to high stock returns.
Close up image of woman holding smartphone for using GPS navigation in a car.
Anjana Susarla, professor, wrote for The Conversation on how motivations and behaviors change in a virtual setting.
A pile of USA national currency
Broad research measures the financial gains for companies with connections to Trump prior to and during his presidency.
Cropped shot of a businesswoman using a digital tablet with graphs on it in a modern office
Research from Nuri Ersahin, assistant professor of finance, shows how some financial laws can benefit both sides.
Man in a wheelchair on the move in the disabled office building.
The latest research from Broad’s Department of Supply Chain Management uncovers the dynamics of inclusive manufacturing.
Minskoff Pavilion in the fall exterior image
We’re No. 1 for empirical research output, and our supply chain faculty hold leading roles at high-impact journals.
Businesspeople wearing masks in the office for illness prevention during COVID-19 pandemic
MSU research shows effective empowerment initiatives depend on the management style of the person implementing them.