Broad alumna Carrie Dorr, founder of Pure Barre

Carrie Dorr (B.A. General Business Administration ’96), entrepreneur and founder of Pure Barre, Soul Day Foundation and O44 Method

As we continue to take precautions to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus, maintaining social distance and sheltering in place have become the new norm. For many who are working virtually — and students who are learning virtually — this transition has brought a new wave of anxieties and stresses.

One Broad Spartan alumna is stepping up to offer support for the MSU community to ease ongoing stress and enhance mental and physical fitness. Carrie Dorr (B.A. General Business Administration ’96), entrepreneur and founder of Pure Barre, Soul Day Foundation and O44 Method, is sharing a series of at-home workout classes and self-healing exercises, free of charge.

“I believe exercise, both physical and mental, are essential for whole health and are absolutely critical during this time,” Dorr said.

Using promo code MSU, Spartans can sweat away stress with Dorr’s at-home workout packages, which can be done in dorm rooms, apartments or wherever people are sheltering in place. These packages feature full-body, stretching and recovery sessions. In addition, Dorr is sharing a series of self-healing exercises to improve mental health that focus on practicing breathing, affirmations and gratitude.

Prior to the coronavirus outbreak, plans had been made to recognize Dorr at the Spring 2020 Commencement as the recipient of this year’s Broad College Outstanding Alumni Achievement Award. When Dorr heard news that the event had to be postponed, she acted in the “Spartans Will” spirit, responding immediately with resources to help others in need.

“My heart goes out the students and faculty and staff,” Dorr said. “It is challenging and unnerving for all of us, yet I agree, crises do force innovation.”

Throughout her entrepreneurial career, Dorr has always emphasized wellness for others. “After a couple years of practicing [law], I jumped into entrepreneurship and haven’t looked back,” she said. “My [business] concepts and paths have each been rooted in health, well-being, philanthropy and helping/advising other entrepreneurs.”

As advice for fellow Spartans navigating this uncertain time, Dorr said, “I think Winston Churchill said it best: ‘If you’re going through hell, keep going.’”

Dorr is just one example of the many Broad Spartan alumni who are standing together to make a difference in this critical time, serving as an inspiration for Spartans to reach higher and persevere together.

Use promo code MSU to access Dorr’s at-home May 2020 workout package free of charge at