With a passion for health and fitness and a background in software and digital tools, Derek Sanborn (B.A. Finance ’08) has been able to follow his dream of making a bigger impact. As CEO of PatientStudio, he’s led the company to offer its patient management software to small health care providers for free during the ongoing pandemic.

Professional headshot of Derek Sanborn (B.A. Finance ’08), CEO of PatientStudio

Derek Sanborn (B.A. Finance ’08), CEO of PatientStudio

“There were a lot of small medical offices who were not prepared to deal with the challenges COVID presented,” Sanborn said of his decision. “[Our software] allows patients to complete intake forms from their personal device, which minimizes contact and overcrowding in waiting areas.”

PatientStudio was launched in 2006 and acquired by Sanborn and his business partner just last year. Sanborn said they used the original company’s product as a springboard to build out a brand-new set of tools, launched in June, which provide patients a modern experience and allow health care providers to remove barriers.

Beyond offering the convenience of digital patient intake forms, the PatientStudio platform is an all-in-one software providing online booking and cancellations, scheduling available 24/7, automated text reminders with two-way communication where patients can text back and an online review system for patients to rate their experience.

According to the PatientStudio website, 90% of patient intake forms are completed ahead of time through its system, which dramatically reduces in-person contact among patients and between patients and medical staff. In addition, the software helps health care providers better manage patient information, which has helped in dealing with surges in demand during COVID-19.

“We have been really prideful in how we have helped offices adapt to new COVID procedures,” Sanborn said.

Back view image of young lady worker sitting in office while using laptop computer and cellphone. Looking at phone to text about an appointment.

PatientStudio automates patient scheduling, paperwork, reminders and more so that health care providers can focus on treating patients.

News of PatientStudio’s solution during the pandemic has been covered by Yahoo! News, NBC and MarketWatch and has received glowing reviews from customers across the country.

Sanborn said his exposure to a variety of business topics and like-minded people has helped prepare him to lead as PatientStudio’s CEO — which all started when he was a student in the Broad College.

“I went to school for finance and when I had arrived, I had no concept of marketing, and I hadn’t even heard of supply chain,” Sanborn said. “I left [MSU] with a much larger foundation of knowledge.

“It’s also great to network and meet like-minded people. One of the largest lessons I’ve learned over the years is you can’t do anything great by yourself,” he said. “You need other great people. I met and have continued to stay in contact with several key individuals whom I met at the Broad College.”

Sanborn is another example of how Broad Spartan alumni are stepping up to make a difference during this critical time, serving as an inspiration for Spartans everywhere to reach higher and persevere together.