Sanchit Jain Headshot Class of 2020

Sanchit Jain (MBA ’20)

Long before deciding to pursue his MBA, Sanchit Jain had already gained impressive business experience.

While he attended undergraduate school at Panjab University in India, Jain took over managerial and financial responsibilities for a family business after his father’s death. Within two years, he transformed operations and increased sales in each region — all while earning his B.S. in chemical engineering.

After graduation in 2012, he joined KBR Inc., where he became a team lead working for Fortune 500 companies in the energy, oil and gas and chemical industries on operational excellence, process optimization, supply chain and performance improvement.

“This was a great experience because I gained substantial analytical skills and the ability to interact well with internal and external stakeholders,” Jain said. “Although I grew tremendously in my career during that time, I had reached a stage where I was ready for more.”

With a goal of continuing his education in the United States to focus on supply chain, Jain pinpointed exactly what he hoped to gain from a full-time MBA program:

  • Improved skills in leadership and followership roles while working in diverse teams
  • A network of people located within the United States from whom to learn
  • Enhanced supply chain and finance skills as he learned from best-in-class faculty

He also had specific criteria in mind as he began his program search: small class sizes, an emphasis on teamwork, a well-known reputation in supply chain and a solid return on investment.

“As I did my research as an international student, Michigan State University won me over. I was very confident that I could not only afford the Broad Full-Time MBA program because of the financial aid offered but also achieve my career goals here,” he said.

For Jain, navigating the H1B Visa process was difficult — but not impossible. “You just need to learn to be resilient and determined,” he said. “That’s really important as an international student.”

Although leaving India for the Broad Full-Time MBA program was a cultural and environmental adjustment, Jain said his international experiences blended well with his cohort right away.

He soon discovered that he was surrounded by ambitious business professionals who shared the same goal: They wanted to learn new ways to expand their thinking. Jain was surprised at how willing his classmates — and staff and faculty — were to help each other meet their goals.

“In addition to me getting to learn from everyone, my peers were also very willing to learn from me,” he said. “Everyone is happy to help. The camaraderie within Broad’s community makes it stand out.”

Compared to his undergraduate experience, where he said the opportunity for hands-on participation was lacking, Jain is thankful for the ability to take on leadership roles through organizations such as Broad Consulting Club and the Multicultural MBA Association.

“Here, we celebrate each other’s cultures and backgrounds,” he said. “Coming from India, it’s wonderful to see participation in festivals like Diwali and Holi that the Multicultural MBA Association organizes.”

He also found value in the career services and resources available. Last summer, Jain worked as a consulting intern at GEP Worldwide, developing and executing cost-reduction strategies that resulted in savings of $3 million.

After he earns his MBA, Jain hopes to stay in the United States to pursue a career in consulting or global operations and supply chain management. With the experiences he has gained as an international student, he’s confident he’ll meet his career goal.

“Be completely open for whatever opportunities the program offers you,” Jain emphasized. “There are hardships, of course, but you’re bound to achieve what you want if you’re resolute and stay humble.”