Business is all about results. So is the Eli Broad College of Business Executive MBA.

The Broad College EMBA ranked among the nation’s best public universities in career outcomes such as salary increases and professional goals reached, while placing eighth in overall excellence in its peer group, according to EMBA rankings released by the Financial Times newspaper this week.

The Broad College had the nation’s second-best public university average salary increase three years post-graduation, at 57 percent, FT found. The Broad College EMBA average salary was $146,144, an increase of more than $5,200 from the previous year’s ranking.

“The strong salary increase indicates our program provides a solid foundation for our graduates to grow both professionally and personally,” said Greg Janicki (EMBA ’13), director of Executive MBA, Southeast Michigan for the Broad College. “It is rewarding to see their success leveraging the Broad EMBA learning, experience, and network.”

Also, the college was second among U.S.-based public schools in the category of “aims achieved,” which measured the extent to which alumni fulfilled their goals or reasons for doing an EMBA, with 78 percent of surveyed alums reporting that outcome.

“Beyond our success in creating significant salary growth, our graduates are targeting and achieving fantastic rewards from their Broad EMBA investment,” Janicki said. “It really shows that the weekend investment can lead to lifelong returns.”

Greg Janicki

Greg Janicki

The top ten overall finish among America’s public schools by the Broad College was based on measurements in 16 categories, including areas of career progress, pay, diversity, faculty degrees and research, and social responsibility.

In the area of diversity, the Broad College saw comparatively strong numbers for women in a type of program that is traditionally dominated by men. Women represented roughly one-third of students (33 percent), faculty (32 percent), and members of the EMBA advisory board (32 percent).

The Broad College also ranked ninth globally in FT’s new Corporate Social Responsibility rank, which measures the proportion of core courses dedicated to corporate social responsibility, ethics, social issues, and attention to the environment.

In overall rankings, the Broad College finished in the top 20 among all American-based universities, public and private, and 82nd for all EMBA programs worldwide. This is the 18th year FT has selected and ranked the world’s top 100 EMBA programs.

The Broad Executive MBA is the nation’s oldest public university EMBA program. It was launched as the Advanced Management Program in 1964. Today, the EMBA program has campuses in East Lansing, Detroit, and Troy, Michigan.

Unlike full-time MBA students, EMBA students are often more experienced career professionals who attend weekend classes while continuing to work.

For more on FT’s rankings of the Broad College EMBA, visit FT’s Web site.