Study abroad across the college
Unit # of students
Executive MBA 78
Accounting 76
Finance 76
Supply Chain Management 76
Marketing 74
Hospitality Business 38
Full-Time MBA 36
Management 33

A total of 487 students from the Broad College of Business studied abroad during the 2013-14 academic year, leading Michigan State University in the number of students studying abroad.

The majority of students who studied abroad were EMBA students, followed closely by accounting, finance, and supply chain management students.

Troy Wallace (MBA ’15) said that his study abroad trip provided him with a valuable look at international companies.

“I will be working for a multinational firm starting in July that operates on multiple continents with a very diverse workforce. By studying abroad I was able to see different work styles, different employee policies (like maternity and paternity leave), and different communication styles,” he said. “Seeing these differences firsthand allowed me to build a better understanding of my future co-workers.”

Of the 407 students who participated in MSU faculty-led programs, 358 were part of programs led by Broad faculty or staff.

Broad-led study abroad trips
Unit # of students
Executive MBA Program in Central Europe 66
Marketing and International Comparative Dimensions 59
Business Summer Program at Cambridge University 47
Full-Time MBA in Central and Northern Europe 34
Marketing and Business in London 31
International Business Management in Western Europe 26
Business Study Abroad Program in Scotland 24
Business of the Olympics 20
Accounting and Financial Reporting in the Global Economy 18
Business and Culture in Japan 16
Global Finance Studies in Belgium 13
Marketing in China 4

“My favorite part of leading a study abroad is having the opportunity to connect with our students in a different and deeper way through an international experience that opens their eyes to new things,” said Cheri DeClercq, acting MBA division director.

MSU has one of the top study abroad programs in the nation, and each year more than 2,000 students travel abroad as participants in one of more than 220 programs in 65 countries.

“My trip gave me a new appreciation of culture and the effect it has on the way people conduct business in other countries. I realized how quickly I am able to adapt to new situations and cultures, and it built a confidence for me as I prepared to work at a brand new company and industry,” Andrew Pickens (MBA ’15) said. “More than anything though, it was a different level of exposure to my classmates and professors and the opportunity to foster stronger relationships with them.”